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Until Today by Pam Fluttert

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Summary: For as long as she can remember, Kat has been harbouring a terrible secret: her father’s best friend has been manipulating her and abusing her since she was little. Volunteering in a children’s hospital where she encounters Taylor, a girl dealing with physical abuse, Kat becomes inspired by her bravery in telling others who is to blame. With a family that labels her as a troublemaker, Kat is understandably hesitant to reveal the truth, fearing no one will believe her. But when Greg, her abuser slips up, others start to question the nature of their relationship and Kat...

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Kid Soldier by Jennifer Maruno

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Summary: Richard Fuller is a fifteen year-old with a taste for adventure and an ambitious spirit. Also loyal and trustworthy, Richard works at various jobs making friends everywhere he goes until the local baker suggests he train to be a signaller at a summer training camp for soldiers. Certain this is the key to achieving his dreams of seeing the world, Richard enlists when World War II starts, using his library card for identification though he is too young. But the rigours of war are not what he imagined, and though it puts him in touch with long-lost relatives in England, Richard...

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A Foreign Field by Gillian Chan

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Summary: Growing up during World War II in Hagersville, Ontario, fourteen year-old Ellen finds herself thrust into a homemaker role as her mother invests herself in volunteer work to aid the war effort. When her younger brother is brought home by a pilot-in-training named Stephen from England, Ellen’s family embraces him as he seems to fill the gap left by Ellen’s older brothers being away at war. Over time, Ellen and Stephen’s friendship develops into something more, and though the end of Stephen’s training brings physical separation as he sent to be a bomber in...

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Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters

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Summary: After the death of his grandfather, David McLean, DJ’s task is to take his ashes up to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, a place he never got to go to during his life despite flying many missions over Africa. A natural athlete and leader as the oldest of the seven cousins, DJ has no trouble understanding why his grandfather chose him for the job, expecting his trek to be more like a walk in the park as opposed to a real challenge. Along the way, DJ discovers his own strength will only take him so far though, and learning to take things slowly and rely on others just might get...

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Dog Tracks by Ruby Slipperjack

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Summary: After Abby’s grandfather has an episode and ends up in the hospital, her grandparents can’t take care of her anymore and she must return to live with her mother, step-father and siblings on Bear Creek reserve. The move completely changes her life as she learns new cultural beliefs and practices, connecting Abby to her Native American side in a way she has never experienced before. As Abby becomes part of the community, she discovers new talents and comes of age in a place where she is loved by many, giving her a firm foundation to go forward in her life and pursue her...

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