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Son of Interflux by Gordon Korman

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Summary: Simon Irving is starting over in a new place again, thanks to his father’s job as Senior Vice-President at Interflux, the world’s largest corporation. He ends up getting into the local arts school with his talent for painting, and finally starts to make some friends who don’t hate him because of who his father is. When an opportunity comes up to stick it to Interflux due to an oversight, Simon jumps at it, sparking a school-wide teenage rebellion that launches his popularity and an epic battle between him and his father. Number of Pages: 282 Age Range: 13-15...

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So Much It Hurts by Monique Polak

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Summary: Cast as Ophelia in her school play, seventeen year-old Iris follows in Ophelia’s shoes when she falls for a man who is fourteen years her senior. Taken in by his attentions to her, Iris finds herself thankful that such a man would be attracted to her. What she doesn’t see at first is that the longer their relationship continues, the more isolated she becomes from her family and friends. When Mick’s uncontrollable anger turns violent, Iris takes the blame for his actions on herself, becoming smaller and smaller to avoid further outbursts. Eventually she finds...

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The Saver by Edeet Ravel

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Summary: 17 year-old Fern reacts to her mother’s sudden death by trying to take control of her life. Remembering something her fourth grade teacher said about being able to save a million dollars in about fifteen years by cutting out major expenses like rent and food, Fern attempts to do just that. She takes a job as a janitor in apartment building for free rent and utilities, and finds other jobs to help her out with food and making money. Fern pours out her heart about her experiences in letters to an imaginary, alien friend named Xanoth, wishing that her world could be more like the...

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Rough Magic by Caryl Cude Mullin

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Summary: When Sycorax discovers at an early age that she is a magical prodigy, she uses her powers to protect her father’s kingdom as she grows. Soon though she begins to crave more power, but a miscalculation in her plans leaves her stranded on a magical island about to give birth. Sycorax extracts the magic from the island for herself, but ends up leaving her son Caliban all alone after harnessing the power eventually kills her. Caliban lives by himself on the mysterious island until one day Prospero and his daughter Miranda arrive, and getting to know them will affect the rest of...

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Rhythm and Blues by Jill Murray

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Summary: Alya is part of a b-girl group when she is approached with a life-changing offer to be a part of a new singing group called EnChantay. But even though everyone encourages her to jump at the opportunity and the group itself is full of potential, Alya quickly learns that being in show business requires huge sacrifices and isn’t all it seems to be. Interactions with a fellow EnChantay group member help Alya clarify what she really wants from life, but working up the courage to be true to herself takes reflection, time and a certain amount of guts. Number of Pages: 219 Age Range:...

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