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Chanda’s Secrets by Allan Stratton

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Chanda has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. After the death of her youngest sibling, Sarah, her Mama is sick with grief and something else, and her step-father is drinking and sleeping around to forget. Chanda’s family lives in a community where gossip is rampant and reputation is everything, so when Chanda suspects her mother may actually have AIDS, she keeps it to herself. But the secrets in Chanda’s life are building up, and when her Mama goes away on a trip she doesn’t return from, Chanda must find the courage to break through the...

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Brondings’ Honour by Ann Ewan

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Summary: When Dayraven finds the Torc around her neck, a special symbol of leadership among her people, the Brondings, she doesn’t want it. With plans to be a healer, Dayraven resents the new role she must assume, seeking vengeance for Sigurd, the previous Honour of the Brondings. But it turns out Sigurd isn’t dead after all, and if Dayraven can track down the person who tried to kill him, she just might be able to go back to pursuing her dreams when she’s done. And by doing so, Dayraven will prove to her people that women can be warriors too. Number of Pages: 246 Age...

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Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau

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Summary: Jade’s first period brings on an unexpected, additional change – the appearance of a mermaid’s tail. The even bigger surprise is that Jade’s dad expected this transformation might happen. Turns out that the mother Jade thought had drowned was actually a mermaid herself, held captive by rogue mer-people stuck in the fresh water lake as punishment for various crimes. Jade finds her life becoming quickly complicated, especially when keeping the mermaid issue a secret puts her at odds with her best friend Cori and a former crush of hers comes back to town looking...

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Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers

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Summary: Parker’s life is a mess. After showing up at school drunk and a suicide attempt, Parker is being closely watched by her school’s administration and must follow all of the rules they have set out for her if she still wants to graduate. Used to being the popular, perfect girl at school, Parker is now doing everything she can to alienate her friends and family, and it all comes down to one night and a mistake she made that she can never forgive herself for. Caught between her desire to self-destruct and others’ attempts to save her, Parker is pushed to the brink as...

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The Night Wanderer by Drew Hayden Taylor

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Summary: Two stories intertwine as Pierre, an ancient vampire, retraces his journey across the ocean to come home at last and a teenage girl named Tiffany from his old community finds herself at odds with her family and herself. When Pierre rents a room at Tiffany’s father’s house, he becomes involved in her life and helps to give her some direction when things in her life go downhill. The connection between the two, though brief, is enough to set Tiffany straight and helps Pierre bring a satisfying close to a long and lonely life. Number of Pages: 215 Age Range: 17-18 Review:...

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