Nova Scotia

The Space Between by Don Aker

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Summary: Jace Antonakos is headed for a life-changing Mexico vacation with his mother, aunt and younger brother. Still grieving the death of his older brother, Stefan, and fresh from a break-up with his long-time girlfriend, Cynthia, Jace decides to make getting laid the focus of his vacation. While trying to achieve his goal with a girl named Kate, Jace keeps encountering Conner, a hockey player also from Nova Scotia who reminds him of Stefan. Events conspire to foster a friendship between the two, but misunderstandings and secrets force Jace to realise the importance of the truth, both in...

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Bitter, Sweet by Laura Best

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Summary: The Burbidge family have each other, and after being abandoned by their father and the illness of their mother, their bond is stronger than ever. After their mother dies, Jesse, Pru,  and their younger brother and sister struggle to keep her death a secret from noisy neighbours and the law so they can stay together. An unexpected return further complicates things and ultimately results in a showdown between Jesse and the RCMP, leaving the Burbidge children to decide who they can and cannot trust. Number of Pages: 144 Age Range: 13-14 Review: Bitter, Sweet. Apt title. With all of the...

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Lost on Brier Island by Jo Ann Yhard

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Summary: Distraught after the unexpected death of Adam, her twin brother, Alex is sent to spend the summer with her Aunt Sophie in the small community of Brier Island. A whale-watching trip introduces her to a baby whale that Alex connects with and calls Daredevil, but guilt over her brother’s death holds her back from forming friendships with others. When she discovers her parents’ marriage is on the brink of divorce, a day spent with Rachael on the foggy island changes her perspective on things, and she is finally able to move on with her life. Number of Pages: 178 Age Range:...

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Chasing Freedom by Gloria Ann Wesley

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Summary: Sarah and her grandmother Lydia are slaves living in Carolina when the Revolutionary War between the British and the American Patriots takes place. Their owners are Loyalists who plan to flee to Nova Scotia, and Sarah and Lydia find themselves in The Book of Negroes with passage to freedom in the new country. Once there though, freedom is an uphill battle as promises are broken and old attitudes threaten their safety. Number of Pages: 231 Age Range: 17-18 Review: From Barbara Smucker’s Underground to Canada to Lawerence Hill’s The Book of Negroes, Gloria Ann...

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Home Truths by Jill MacLean

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Summary: Brick’s got one thing on his mind – following through on his plan to make enough money to move out as soon as he’s legally able to. Under the thumb of his physically and verbally abusive father, Brick’s anger and frustration finds expression in his bullying of other ‘weaker’ kids. His younger sister Cassie brings out his softer side, and he’ll do anything to protect her. An odd job expands Brick’s circle, and shows him that things can be different as more and more people begin to support him. When he finds out the previously...

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Week in Review: Nova Scotia, Part 3

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