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Hey Dad! by Brian Doyle

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Megan is less than enthusiastic about her upcoming cross-Canada family road trip. Stuck in the backseat of a car with her younger brother and experiencing humiliation after humiliation when it comes to her father’s actions, Meghan starts planning her escape. When an opportunity presents itself she takes it, but the consequences of her decision cause her to see her father in a different way. Gradually Megan begins to realise that she won’t have her father forever, and his birthday celebration makes her determined to appreciate what she has. Number of...

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The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson

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Summary: Liz and Makiko are back for another mystery, this time in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. When the town is trying to decide whether to approve a new mall development that has the potential to bring jobs into the area, citizens are concerned such an endeavour will take away from the town’s historical beauty. Acts of arson are intimating those who would make the ultimate decision, and Liz is bent on figuring out who is responsible. Especially when she spies a werewolf in the Burying Grounds. Number of Pages: 109 Age Range: 12-13 Review: There’s a lot going on in this 109 page...

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The Green Gables Detectives by Eric Wilson

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Summary: Liz Austen is in Prince Edward Island for a baseball tournament, but playing sports doesn’t keep her from participating in a Green Gables murder mystery event. When what was fictional turns horribly real with the death of Miss Martin, the woman playing Marilla, Liz and her new friend Makiko from Japan are on the case to find the murderer. But for all her smarts even Liz can be fooled, and she must quickly piece things together before serious harm comes to her and her friends. Number of Pages: 142 Age Range: 12-13 Review: The Liz and Tom Austen Mystery books was another series...

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War Brothers: The Graphic Novel by Sharon E. McKay, illustrated by Daniel Lafrance

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Book Reviews, Prince Edward Island | 2 comments

Summary: Jacob and a couple of his friends are taken captive by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Some are forced to be soldiers; all are threatened with death if they do not obey Commander Opiro. Holding on to the hope that their parents will find a way to save them, they form a brotherhood to take care of each other until that happens. When rescue isn’t possible, they decide to try and find a way to save themselves, and a girl named Hannah they meet at the camp. Number of Pages: 176 Age Range: 13-14 Review: I liked the visual cues of the black and white pages –...

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Lost on Brier Island by Jo Ann Yhard

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Summary: Distraught after the unexpected death of Adam, her twin brother, Alex is sent to spend the summer with her Aunt Sophie in the small community of Brier Island. A whale-watching trip introduces her to a baby whale that Alex connects with and calls Daredevil, but guilt over her brother’s death holds her back from forming friendships with others. When she discovers her parents’ marriage is on the brink of divorce, a day spent with Rachael on the foggy island changes her perspective on things, and she is finally able to move on with her life. Number of Pages: 178 Age Range:...

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