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The Dirt Eaters by Dennis Foon

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Summary: When the community of Longlight is decimated and Roan is the only survivor, he is suddenly plunged into the real world. Unfortunately the real world is a chaotic, violence-ridden society ruled by the one City who uses the people’s uneducated state to take advantage of them. Except Roan is different. Not only has he been taught to read from his life in Longlight’s peaceful society, but he has the ability to cross over into his dreams and venture outside his body. He learns this gift makes him a dirt eater, and uses it to survive his time with the Brothers who want him to...

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Below by Jason Chabot

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Summary: In what appears to be a post-apocalyptic version of our world, people live Above on floating islands that rest above the clouds, unhindered by bad weather because in the upper atmosphere nothing blocks them from┬áthe sun, moon and stars. The only life Elia knows is Above, but when the islands start descending and breaking apart and Elia finds herself caught up in a mystery she doesn’t understand, events conspire to put her Below. Completely out of her element and convinced the Scavengers who take the dead bodies from Above away are going to get her, Elia runs into Hokk, a...

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Torn Away by James Heneghan

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Summary: Alone in Ireland after the violent deaths of his whole family, Declan joins the Holy Rollers, a militant terrorist group made up of teenage boys bent on getting revenge against the Protestants and the English. The idea of making people pay is all-consuming, and when his Uncle Matthew sends for him from Canada, Declan does absolutely everything he can to stop himself from being taken out of his country. Once in Canada, living in British Columbia, he’s still determined to make his escape, until his Uncle Matthew and Aunt Kate make a deal with him to stick it out for three months...

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Victoria by Silvana Goldemberg, translated by Emilie Smith

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Summary: With younger twin brothers, Victoria knows living with her aunt and her aunt’s abusive boyfriend after her parents are out of the picture is not ideal, but isn’t sure how support them on her own. When her aunt’s boyfriend makes a pass at her though, Victoria has to choose between taking a risk by leaving home or being raped. Life on the streets of Parana, Argentina isn’t easy, and Victoria encounters several seedy characters dealing with drugs. Still she manages to find a place to live, support, and love, but all is put in danger when those calling the shots...

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If Only by Becky Citra

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Summary: On a day just like any other, twins Danny and Pam are planning to spend some time in their clubhouse, the Jolly Roger, when Danny is threatened with a knife and Pam is physically attacked. Thankfully, a woman named Carol and her dog come along before more harm can be done, but it is already too late – the twins’ lives are changed forever. Danny blames himself for not protect Pam better, and Pam is haunted by fear that prevents her from leaving the house. With the help of friends, time and the new knowledge of another horrific family event, Danny and Pam journey through...

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