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Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka

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Summary: Faced with an impending arranged marriage within her Unity community, Celeste finds herself having doubts and falling for a boy named Jon instead. Spurred on by the stories of Tatianna, a girl taken in by the community while she gets back on her feet, and discouraged by her sister Nannette, a fervent believer in the way of the community who dreams of the day when she will become a sister wife, Celeste must decide for herself whether she will submit to becoming the multiple wife of an older man. Fearful of losing her family and hindered by strict religious life she has always known,...

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Swim the Fly by Don Calame

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Summary: Matt, Sean and Cooper are best friends who have a goal for their summer vacation: seeing a woman naked in real life. But when Matt volunteers to rescue his swim team by swimming the butterfly stroke race in competitions in order to impress a girl, his focus shifts. With a body built for freestyle swimming, it’s going to take everything he has to even complete the race let alone place in it. Fortunately Sean and Cooper’s ingenuity when it comes to achieving their summer goal also comes in handy with helping Matt get through the competitions one by one. It’s certain...

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Me, Myself and Ike by K.L. Denman

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Summary: After a five thousand year-old ice man named Ötzi is found in Europe, Kit and his friend Ike are fascinated by how his mummified body and tools act as a time capsule from the distant past. When Ike suggests Kit should become a frozen man himself and a time capsule for the future, Kit agrees, and together they make plans of what should be included with his body to provide others with an accurate glimpse of life during Kit’s time. But as their plan gets closer to fruition, Kit’s behaviour becomes more and more erratic putting his concerned family on alert. As they struggle...

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Anywhere but Here by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

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Summary: After his mother dies and Cole and his father are left with only each other, life in the small town of Webster becomes unbearable. Cole breaks up with his girlfriend Lauren for shaky reasons and plots his escape to film school in Vancouver, British Columbia. If he can just escape getting caught in the web of Webster, Cole believes he’ll have a better life. But as his connections with family and friends become more numerous and complicated, leaving might not be as easy as he first believes it will. As Cole is confronted with some hard decisions about his future, he starts to...

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Out by Sandra Diersch

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Summary: When Alex sees his friend’s father kissing a woman who isn’t his wife, his already fragile hold on faith in God is shaken as the man is a prominent member of the Catholic church Alex attends. As Alex struggles with his faith, he also finds himself dealing with a brother who is struggling to claim his sexual identity, and a girlfriend who is exploring her own beliefs. Challenged by various situations to re-evaluate his convictions, Alex is faced with deciding what is truly important, and the need to examine how far he is willing to go to meet God in the middle. Number of...

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