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Hockey Girl by Natalie Hyde

Posted by on Aug 2, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: When Tara’s championship-winning baseball team finds themselves in their off-season, a goading dare from a local boys hockey team nudges them into becoming hockey players. While they have the skills, the politics behind playing on a girls hockey team quickly become apparent as they face one obstacle after another: the loss of their coach, limited ice time and outrageous practice hours. As the dare becomes a bet that involves having the highest standings in their respective leagues, Tara and her friends face extra discrimination as they must fight for the right just to play the...

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Initiation by Virginia Frances Schwartz

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Summary: Living in the mid 1400s, Nanolatch and Nana are the long heralded “Salmon Twins” born to the Kwakiutl tribe. As they approach the time of their initiations when they will take their places as adults, the tribe is thrown into upheaval when a rival tribe offends the Salmon men through over fishing. A war is begun, and the spoils of the attack include Noh, an apprentice shaman from the other community. Her presence affects the lives of both of the twins, and as she comes to love them both in different ways, Noh finds herself knowing the future but being unable to stop it....

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Dying to Go Viral by Sylvia McNicoll

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Summary: When participating in a dangerous skateboarding stunt without a helmet ends her life, fourteen year-old Jade begs her mother in the afterlife for one more week so she can ensure her father and brother will be okay without her. She returns to her family to relive the week before her death, making a list of things she needs to accomplish to improve her father and brother’s lives. As the week progresses, Jade mends her father and brother’s relationship, living life to the fullest with some unexpected and wonderful surprises in the meantime. As the day of her death...

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The Girls They Left Behind by Bernice Thurman Hunter

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Summary: With most of her childhood male friends going off to fight in World War II, Natalie feels left behind as she waits for the war to end. When her beloved cousin Carmen enlists Natalie is left behind once more to her dismay. Determined to play her own part in supporting the war effort, she takes jobs at factories working diligently in munitions and then building mosquito airplanes. Though her job helps her gain self-confidence and some financial independence, Natalie is reminded of the reality of war when Carmen goes missing in action, presumed dead. When the war ends, Natalie must...

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Yellow Mini by Lori Weber

Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Book Reviews, Quebec | 1 comment

Summary: A collection of free verse poems that make up stories about growing up told from various perspectives.¬†Storylines include Mark and his grieving process over his father dying, Stacey and her need¬†for attention, Annabelle focusing on changing the world, Christopher falling in love and getting his first girlfriend and Mary stepping out of her shell to play in the school’s talent show. These stories intertwine with each other, and insights are provided by everyone involved. Number of Pages: 240 Age Range: 13-15 Review: Yellow Mini by Lori Weber is a free-verse novel that contains...

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