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Seven for a Secret by Mary C. Sheppard

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Summary: Cousins Melinda, Rebecca and Kate of the Derby family are looking forward to spending the summer of 1960 together when Kate arrives in Cook’s Cove from the big city of Corner Brook. On the cusp of adulthood at the age of fifteen, opportunities in the outport community are limited until a stranger from Boston appears and takes an interest in Rebecca’s artistic talent. Torn between the decision all must make to stay or to go, the choice is unexpectedly influenced by family secrets about to be uncovered. Number of Pages: 189 Age Range: 15-18 Review: I’ve read Mary C....

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Edge of Time by Susan MacDonald

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Summary: Unbeknown to the inhabitants of Earth (known as Terrans), a collective of different alien species has been fighting against an evil force named Rhozan who conquers whole worlds through the use of mind-control. Knowing Rhozan will eventually turn his sights to Earth, the collective seeds the population with genetic mutations that will make them immune to Rhozan’s powers. Teens Alec and Riley are part this new generation of Potentials, and when Rhozan begins his take-over, it is suddenly up to them and their Terran guardian Darius Finn to figure out how to stop him and prevent...

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The Secret Life of a Funny Girl by Susan Chalker Browne

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Summary: The year is 1971 and the sudden death of 13 year-old Maureen’s Gran changes the dynamics of her family for the worse. Her mother’s already fragile institution is pushed to the limit, and her profound depression can only be treated through a stay at the local mental hospital. Maureen is expected to step up in her mother’s absence, doing household chores previously done by her Gran and her mother. Finding herself facing the stigma of having a mother dealing with mental illness and the pressures of her increased responsibility, Maureen is also finishing up her grade...

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The Dream Carvers by Joan Clark

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Summary: While on an expedition for lumber with his father, Thrand is taken by the Osweet tribe as a replacement for a tribe member he helped kill. Renamed Wobee and encouraged to take his place in the tribe, Thrand eventually does his best to fit in while still looking for an opportunity to find his way back  from Leifsbudir (Newfoundland) across the sea to his family in Greenland. As time passes, Thrand must decide how far he is willing to go to get back to the life he once knew, or if he can embrace the life the Osweet tribe has offered him. Number of Pages: 226 Age Range: 16-18 Review:...

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Baygirl by Heather T. Smith

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Kit’s father is a drunk that Kit has little respect toward. When the Newfoundland government puts a ban on cod fishing for two years, Kit’s father finds himself without a source of income. As a result, Kit’s family decides to move away from smalltown Parsons Cove to the big city of St. John’s in search of work. At first Kit is reluctant because she doesn’t want to leave her beloved Nan, but the move proves to change her and her family in unexpected ways. Tragedy strikes however, and Kit must decide whether she can put aside her conflict...

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