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What World is Left by Monique Polak

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Summary: Anneke and her family are forced to live in Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II because they are Jewish. Only 14 when she enters the camp, Anneke quickly loses her innocent and childlike nature in favour of survival at any cost. But although death touches those around them, causing Anneke to lose friends and a romantic interest, Anneke’s family makes out of Theresienstadt alive. Now 16, Anneke is forever changed, and must find a way to come to terms with everything her family had to do to survive. Number of Pages:  215 Age Range: 14-16 Review: Survival, for...

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Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell

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Summary: After surviving going over Crystal Falls, Callum finds the small town where he lives is not quite as he remembers it. Buildings and businesses are missing, his parents are still together, and his older brother Cole has been in a terrible accident leaving him ventilator dependent. But the most surprising thing of all is how others are treating him. Suddenly he’s a football star with such a badass reputation that no one will cross him. Except for a handful of people that want him dead. Somehow he has to figure out what is really going on, preferably before one of them succeeds....

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Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci

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Summary: Tula Bane is headed for a new home among the stars when she and her family board the Children of Earth colony space ship with leader Brother Blue guiding the way. Troubles with the ship cause them to stop at Yertina Ferary space station where Tula is left for dead after she figures out Brother Blue is not all he appears to be. Abandoned on the alien station watching her ride slingshot around the local star without her, Tula finds herself without a clue of how to survive. Fortunately, aliens Tournour and Heckleck show her kindness and help her carve a new life for herself. Driven by...

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This Side of the Sky by Marie-Francine Hebert

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Summary: Living with apathetic parents, Mona is the one who is responsible for her younger sister, Angélique (Bird). Bird is an eight year-old with a five year-old’s mind, and a desire to fly that makes her difficult to keep on the ground. Even though Mona complains about taking care of Bird, she loves her, filling a void left by the lack of their parents’ love. Interactions with neighbours on both sides lead to complications, and Mona and Bird are faced with decisions about facing their fears, connecting with others, and doing what is right, even without of the support of their...

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Split by Lori Weber

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Summary: Living with her reclusive father after her mother walks out on them both, Sandra is trying to sort out what direction her life should take upon her graduation from high school. Sandra feels abandoned by her mother who left no contact information, but at the same time feels she can hardly blame her for wanting to get away from Sandra’s father and his dark memories of living in Germany before and during World War II. Aided at first by her boyfriend Danny, Sandra begins a search for her mother, finding clues to where she went in unexpected places. Sandra intends to tell her...

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