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Necking With Louise by Rick Book

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Summary: A collection of short stories, Necking With Louise follows the experiences of Eric, a teenage boy living in Lashburg, Saskatchewan in 1965. He’s a brother, a boyfriend, a hockey player, a son, a grandson and a hard worker, and each story adds to the portrait of a young man finding his way through the pitfalls of growing up, as well as the experience of loss. With an introspective nature, a sense of wonder and responsibility, Eric meets each experience in a forthright and endearing way. Number of Pages: 151 Age Range: 16-18 Review: Imagine a wall of a stranger’s...

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Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

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Summary: Eighteen year-old Taylor is less than impressed when her mother decides to take her to Waskesiu, Saskatchewan for the summer in pursuit of her latest boyfriend. Having just graduated from high school with a unique view of the world thanks to having Asperger’s Syndrome, Taylor is uncertain and scared when it comes to thinking about the future, but the independence she gains while her mother is working proves she only has to be herself for things to work out. With her ability to remember facts about subjects that interest her and her honest insights about life Taylor finds...

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The McGillicuddy Book of Personal Records by Colleen Sydor

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Summary: Obsessed with breaking a world record, Lee McGillicuddy makes attempts on several different records unsuccessfully. After the latest attempt gives him sunstroke, Lee remains more determined than ever, forcing himself to walk the Manitoba Marathon, a thirty-five kilometre journey. Despite his failures, Lee is hopeful, until he comes to the abrupt realisation that some people are born talented as opposed to having to work to put their names in the record books. He becomes discouraged, but encouragement from his friend Rhonda (call me Ron) ends up leading to a situation that will test...

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Big Big Sky by Kristyn Dunnion

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Summary: Belonging to a pod made up of teen girls, Shona, Rustle, Solomon, Roku and Loo work together to carry out missions assigned to them by the ScanMans. But when two of their members start going through physiological changes and one of them goes missing, the ScanMans try to bring them all in for reprogramming. In their escape the pod is confronted with the wider world outside what they’ve been told, and the metamorphosis of Rustle and Roku changes them forever. Seeking answers and trying to survive, the separation of the pod causes each member to follow their own journey,...

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Ordinary Miracles by Diana Aspin

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Summary: A collection of short stories located in fictional town of Sky Falls, Ordinary Miracles begins with the story of a home boy named Art who is sent to Canada to work on a farm from an orphanage in England. A mysterious encounter as a child gives him hope for the future, and the collection tells his story and the stories of teens dealing with issues of identity, family, self-esteem, grief and the tragedy of life. The last story brings everything full circle for Art, and gives his granddaughter Amy some closure on a sudden loss in her life. Number of Pages: 167 Age Range: 15-18 Review:...

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