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Yesterday’s Dead by Pat Bourke

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Meredith is headed to Toronto to work as  domestic servant after her father’s death leaves her family with a lot of debt. It’s 1918 and nearing the end of World War I when the Spanish Flu hits soon after Meredith starts working at the Watertons. One by one, those in charge of the household contract the deadly flu, and Meredith is left to take care of them all with minimal help from Dr. Waterton’s entitled daughter Margaret. Fighting to keep everyone alive will test them both but ultimately not everyone will survive. Number of Pages: 256 Age Range:...

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Rachel’s Secret by Shelly Sanders

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Summary: Living in 1903, a Jewish girl named Rachel witnesses her friend being brutally murdered by his uncle and cousin. Scared of becoming a target of the uncle’s violence, Rachel keeps what she saw a secret, until the local Russian newspapers use the murder to foster anti-Semitic attitudes. Tension rises is Kishinev, Russia, until on Easter Sunday everything erupts into violent riots against the Jewish community. Rachel has kept the secret of who Mikhail’s true killers are too long, and after that night, Rachel’s life and family will never be the same. Number of Pages:...

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The Color of Silence by Liane Shaw

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Summary: After her best friend Cali dies in a senseless car accident, Lexi turns to silence in response to her feelings of grief and guilt. Through court-appointed volunteer work, Lexi is assigned to be a companion for Joanie, another seventeen year-old girl who lives at the hospital. Joanie is also silent, but her silence is because of a neuromuscular disorder, not by choice. Together, Lexi and Joanie both find their voices through a blossoming friendship, and the use of a computer called the Wizard that can read Joanie’s eye movements. When their friendship comes to an untimely end,...

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Rough Magic by Caryl Cude Mullin

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Summary: When Sycorax discovers at an early age that she is a magical prodigy, she uses her powers to protect her father’s kingdom as she grows. Soon though she begins to crave more power, but a miscalculation in her plans leaves her stranded on a magical island about to give birth. Sycorax extracts the magic from the island for herself, but ends up leaving her son Caliban all alone after harnessing the power eventually kills her. Caliban lives by himself on the mysterious island until one day Prospero and his daughter Miranda arrive, and getting to know them will affect the rest of...

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