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A Sky Black With Crows by Alice Walsh

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Book Reviews, Newfoundland | 0 comments

Summary: Thirteen year-old Katie is about to head to Labrador for a summer of cod fishing with her family that will change her life. By the end of the summer, her father is lost at sea, her mother is dead and her youngest sister, Hannah, is missing. Trying to find a way to keep her remaining family together, Katie makes the hard decision to leave her sister Ruth in the Grenfell orphanage in St. Anthony, Newfoundland to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia in search of Hannah. Following one false lead after another, Katie remains determined to find her lost sister, even if it means giving up her...

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Buried Truths by Alice Walsh

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Summary: Fourteen year-old Zoe is facing major life changes. Her mother died and she’s suddenly moving from Toronto, Ontario to Port au Choix, Newfoundland to live with a father she’s never met because her mother told her he was dead. Things become more confusing when Zoe realises her new family have secrets of their own, but it turns out her father being alive was not the only thing her mother was hiding. When Zoe’s Aunt Caroline sends her mother’s journals to her, she learns just how terrifying facing the truth can be. Number of Pages: 175 Age Range: 13-14 Review:...

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