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The Knife Sharpener’s Bell by Rhea Tregebov

Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 1930s, Annette is the daughter of two Russian Jews eager to return home to Joseph Stalin’s communist Russia. Used to living in Canada, Annette is less than enthusiastic about being uprooted, but the hope and optimism Russia harbours for the future under their new regime is contagious. The start of World War II begins to reveal all is not what it seems though, and as Annette grows she is faced with reconciling the propaganda with the truth. Surviving the war is an achievement in itself as it comes at a very high personal cost for Annette,...

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Shade & Sorceress by Catherine Egan

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Summary: At the tender age of twelve years old, young Eliza comes into the knowledge of her birthright. The daughter of the former Shang Sorceress, Eliza’s destiny is to take her mother’s place and protect the connection between the lands of Tian Xia and Di Shang through developing her magical powers and having a daughter of her own. But when she is discovered by the Mancers and expected to take her place, everyone is surprised by the fact that she appears to have zero magical ability at all. Despite lacking essential powers, a competing sorceress who has been locked away for a...

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Fishtailing by Wendy Phillips

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Summary: At a time in their lives when all are vulnerable, Natalie, Tricia, Miguel and Kyle find their friendships and attractions cause them more harm than good. Haunted by abuse in her past, Natalie’s influence poisons the others who are already close to the brink themselves. Expressing themselves through free verse poems often written as highly criticised English assignments, as their connections grow more twisted and individual histories are revealed, tragedy ensues. Even the careful interventions of the school’s guidance counsellor, Ms. Nishi, can’t prevent what...

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Drummer Girl by Karen Bass

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Summary: Setting her sights on becoming the drummer of The Fourth Hand (THF) after she loses her place in her brother’s band when he goes off to university, Sid is all about the music. But THF is an all guy band sending Sid mixed messages. Some members think a girl member will break up the band, and others want her to dress more provocatively for the audience at their gigs. She’s competing against a fellow student named Wes for the spot, and even though she is clearly the more skilled drummer Sid decides to change her wardrobe to become what they want and hopefully snag the spot....

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The Comic Book War by Jacqueline Guest

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Alberta, Book Reviews | 1 comment

Summary: Living in 1943 with three older brothers fighting in World War II, Robert finds solace in reading his comic book adventures. An encounter with a meteorite leads to Robert carrying around a piece of an exploded star, and it seems to have magical powers as meteorites start appearing in his favourite comics. Convinced the superheroes he reads about are connected to his brothers, Robert uses his allowance to follow their adventures. But when wartime rationing causes his mother to use his allowance to buy war stamps, Robert must find another way to purchase his monthly comics and do what...

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