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Skinnybones and the Wrinkle Queen by Glen Huser

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Summary: An initially unwilling participant in a class project involving seniors in a local nursing home, Tamara’s attitude changes when she realises her partner, Miss Barclay, may be able to pay for the modelling class she wants to take. At first it seems like Tamara is trying to take advantage of an old lady, but when Miss Barclay realises the modelling class will take place in Vancouver a week after her favourite operas are being performed in Seattle, it is she who concocts an ambitious plan that will benefit them both. Together they put the plan in motion, and embark on a daring...

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Bad Boy by Diana Wieler

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Summary: In the masculine and highly charged world of Triple A junior hockey, any suspicion of a player being gay has a similar effect to lighting a stick of dynamite. A.J. grows up in this environment, along with a father who teaches through physical violence. His mainstay throughout his mother leaving and brutal fights with his father has been his best friend Tully and Tully’s loving family. When A.J. discovers Tully has been hiding a secret from him for years though, his whole world collapses and he is left to question his own identity and orientation. Number of Pages: 191 Age...

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Apart by R.P. MacIntyre and Wendy MacIntyre

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Summary: An ad in the personal section of The Globe and Mail Newspaper connects two strangers from opposite ends of Canada. James, known as Sween, and Jessica begin a friendly correspondence with letters delivered back and forth between Saskatchewan and New Brunswick by Canada Post, gradually getting to know each other and finding connection across the kilometres. Writing proves to be different than in person contact though, and when Sween and Jessica finally meet, both feel a bit duped by unrealistic expectations. Deciding to cling to the world they created through their letters, Sween and...

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True Confessions of a Heartless Girl by Martha Brooks

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Summary: Seventeen year-old Noreen hasn’t had an easy life. With a mother who is Amazing in name only and a step-father who is abusive, the best part of their marriage comes in the form of Gladys, Noreen’s step-sister. But as the years pass and when Gladys moves out to get married, Noreen starts down a path of self-destruction. Meeting and falling in love with Wesley changes things for a little bit, but at the first misunderstanding Noreen takes off, ending up in Pembina Lake among people who just might be able to help her start over and stop sabotaging herself by being more...

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Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

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Summary: In the early 1940s, a visit from Marie-Claire’s Oncle Gérald brings more than his welcome presence, it brings tuberculosis (TB) to her family. After he is hospitalized and dies in a local sanatorium, Marie-Claire, her brother Luc, and her sister Josée all develop TB, and with their varying degrees of severity find themselves in different parts of the same sanatorium. But while Josée seems to be improving, Luc is getting worse, and Marie-Claire herself is in a holding pattern, waiting for the lesion in her lung to finally heal. As a year passes, Marie-Claire faces life from a...

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