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Swimmers by Amy Bright

Posted by on Dec 19, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Travelling by bus from Lethbridge, Alberta back to Victoria, British Columbia with his semi-girlfriend Lee, and his younger friend Poppy, Hunter reflects on the reason why he was sent away, and everything that has happened since one fateful day with his best friend Niall. Number of Pages: 215 Age Range: 14-16 Review: I know my summary is short for Swimmers by Amy Bright, but I hesitate to say more because Bright’s book is a delicately structured read that relies heavily on the suspense of a story slowly being unveiled. Hunter is a seventeen year-old who hasn’t always...

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What Happened to Serenity? by PJ Sarah Collins

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: After the Ecological Revolution, Katherine in her family live in a community where only Father, their leader, is allowed to ask questions. But when Katherine finds out her best friend’s sister has disappeared, the questions she already had increase exponentially in number. Chastised by her community for her curiosity, Katherine is threatened with being assigned manual labour when she is finished school and then is publicly humiliated when her long hair is cut short in front of her classmates. Daunted but compelled to find out the truth, Katherine continues to¬†investigate, each...

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Sila’s Revenge by Jamie Bastedo

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Summary: When Empire Oil comes to Ashley’s Northwest Territories community intending to drill, Ashley takes extreme action to prevent them from following through and wrecking the land. Afterwards Ashley’s drumming group is invited to play at Carnegie Hall in New York, and Empire Oil’s willingness to pay the cost of their travel puts Ashley on edge. Turns out Jack Masters, vice-president of Empire Oil, has a secret agenda to save the world from Climate Change in a radical manner that involves Ashley, and she¬†and her friends find themselves on an unexpected journey that could...

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On Thin Ice by Jamie Bastedo

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Summary: After moving to a different town in the Northwest Territories to take care of her relatives, Ashley begins having intensely vivid dreams featuring a polar bear. But the strangest part is that the dreams start coming true. With climate change in the works Ashley’s small community is experiencing intense weather like never before, and the changing conditions of the ice have implications for a polar bear’s food supply. Problems arise when the bear comes too close to the community, causing fear and harm to residents. As her connection to the polar bear grows, Ashley learns...

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Heck Superhero by Martine Leavitt

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Heck finds himself on his own as his mother takes one of her breaks from reality. Caught up in the desire to be his mother’s hero while keeping the true nature of the situation a secret so he won’t end up in another foster home, Heck ends up getting locked out of his apartment and living in a car. When people who know him try to help, Heck shuts them out, believing that if he can only find and perform the one, greatest Good Deed, he’ll even out the cosmic score and his mother will come back to him. Along the way he meets Marion, a young man with...

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