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What Happened to Serenity? by PJ Sarah Collins

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Summary: After the Ecological Revolution, Katherine in her family live in a community where only Father, their leader, is allowed to ask questions. But when Katherine finds out her best friend’s sister has disappeared, the questions she already had increase exponentially in number. Chastised by her community for her curiosity, Katherine is threatened with being assigned manual labour when she is finished school and then is publicly humiliated when her long hair is cut short in front of her classmates. Daunted but compelled to find out the truth, Katherine continues to investigate, each...

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Ordinary Miracles by Diana Aspin

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Summary: A collection of short stories located in fictional town of Sky Falls, Ordinary Miracles begins with the story of a home boy named Art who is sent to Canada to work on a farm from an orphanage in England. A mysterious encounter as a child gives him hope for the future, and the collection tells his story and the stories of teens dealing with issues of identity, family, self-esteem, grief and the tragedy of life. The last story brings everything full circle for Art, and gives his granddaughter Amy some closure on a sudden loss in her life. Number of Pages: 167 Age Range: 15-18 Review:...

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Mosh Pit by Kristyn Dunnion

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Summary: Best friends since childhood, things start to spiral downward for Simone and Cherry when Cherry decides to leave high school to get a job instead. Simone’s attraction to Cherry has always been used against her, but having more separate lives thanks to Cherry’s new boyfriend and lifestyle gives Simone the chance to make some new friends and find a woman who truly loves her. But as Simone’s life goes up, Cherry’s goes down into drug use and robbing people. Simone can’t stand to see her best friend’s descent, and makes her mind up to try and save...

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Seven for a Secret by Mary C. Sheppard

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Summary: Cousins Melinda, Rebecca and Kate of the Derby family are looking forward to spending the summer of 1960 together when Kate arrives in Cook’s Cove from the big city of Corner Brook. On the cusp of adulthood at the age of fifteen, opportunities in the outport community are limited until a stranger from Boston appears and takes an interest in Rebecca’s artistic talent. Torn between the decision all must make to stay or to go, the choice is unexpectedly influenced by family secrets about to be uncovered. Number of Pages: 189 Age Range: 15-18 Review: I’ve read Mary C....

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Baygirl by Heather T. Smith

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Kit’s father is a drunk that Kit has little respect toward. When the Newfoundland government puts a ban on cod fishing for two years, Kit’s father finds himself without a source of income. As a result, Kit’s family decides to move away from smalltown Parsons Cove to the big city of St. John’s in search of work. At first Kit is reluctant because she doesn’t want to leave her beloved Nan, but the move proves to change her and her family in unexpected ways. Tragedy strikes however, and Kit must decide whether she can put aside her conflict...

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