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Nights Below Station Street by David Adams Richards

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Summary: Adele is a high school student with an older boyfriend named Ralphie, an alcoholic father named Joe and a mother named Rita that she despises. As bitter as Adele is and as much as she wants to be rid of them at times, all of their lives are intertwined with each other. Being a family and living in their community isn’t easy, but when things are at their toughest, Adele’s family proves again and again that they have the strength to band together and face whatever arises. Number of Pages: 218 Age Range: 17-18 Review: At first, I didn’t like Nights Below Station...

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Eyes of a Stalker by Valerie Sherrard

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Summary: Shelby Belgarden is an average high school student, besides the fact that she has solved a few mysteries in the past. But when a lily that isn’t from her boyfriend, Greg, is delivered to her, it sets in motion a sequence of events that change her overall perspective on life. Someone is stalking Shelby, and he is willing to hurt the people she loves to get to her. Shelby and her parents seek help from the police, but until the stalker is caught, everyone must live with the uncertainty of what he will do next. Number of Pages: 222 Age Range: 13-15 Review: Eyes of a Stalker by...

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Counting Back From Nine by Valerie Sherrard

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Book Reviews, New Brunswick | 3 comments

Summary: Laren’s choice to start a relationship with her friend’s ex-boyfriend, Scott, makes all of her friendships past tense when her friends find out. The loss continues when Laren’s father dies as a result of a car accident, and a schoolmate reveals Laren’s father was not alone in the car. Suddenly Laren feels everything she knew about her father is in question, and she wonders whether he ever really loved her. Counselling helps her realise that people are not all good or all bad, and Laren decides she will not be her father’s daughter in her own...

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Saving Grace by Darlene Ryan

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Summary: Broken-hearted over having to give up her baby for adoption, Evie takes drastic action by taking Brianna from her adoptive parents and heading for Montreal. Hoping to start a new life with her boyfriend, Justin, and her daughter, Evie encounters roadblocks that she didn’t expect when Justin isn’t on board with her plan and taking care of Brianna is more difficult than she expected. When she finds herself alone with her child, she is faced with making a decision to follow her plans or act in Brianna’s best interests. Number of Pages: 97 Age Range: 13-15 Review:...

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Five Minutes More by Darlene Ryan

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Summary: After her father commits suicide, D’Arcy is left to deal with her anger and feelings of abandonment. She pushes away her friends and family, but accepts the lifeline thrown to her by Seth, a fellow student at school. Both are grieving the sudden loss of loved ones, and find some solace in their shared experiences. As the pressure builds for both at home, their resulting actions will push them to the brink, but just might bring them back as well. Number of Pages: 212 Age Range: 15-17 Review: D’Arcy is an impulsive, grieving teen that Darlene Ryan captures with electric...

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