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The Whole Truth by Kit Pearson

Posted by on Dec 23, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Sent to live with their grandmother on the coast of British Columbia after their father drowns, Maud and Polly are newly orphaned with secrets between them. It’s 1931 and taking care of one’s family in the midst of the Depression is a daunting task, but after living in poverty with their father, Maud and Polly are suddenly well taken care of with ample educational opportunities. In this new environment Maud flourishes, making friends and developing her own beliefs, while Polly has a great deal of trouble living with the secrets she has been encouraged to keep. When the...

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Lost Goat Lane by Rosa Jordan

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Kate lives with her two brothers and mother on a farm. With a father who has left them to pursue a career in race car mechanics, everyone on the farm is working to hold things together as a couple mortgage payments slip by unpaid. Kate’s mother is working seven days a week at a dairy farm to make ends meet, and Kate is left to take care of her younger brother Chip while her older brother Justin considers running away. When the Walters come into their lives thanks to Sugar the goat’s need for companionship, everything starts to change. It’s a...

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A Bushel of Light by Troon Harrison

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Summary: Born with a twin, Maggie is devastated when she and her sister Thomasina are separated after the deaths of both of their parents. Maggie is sent overseas to Canada, while Thomasina gets to stay with their father’s elderly aunt. Believing for years that there was something more desirable about Thomasina and horrible about herself that caused her to be sent away, Maggie is torn but wants to see her sister, especially after she starts having vivid dreams about finding her. Unexpected news reveals Thomasina is not as far away as Maggie originally thought, but untangling herself...

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Destination Gold! by Julie Lawson

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, Yukon | 0 comments

Summary: After his father dies, Ned must leave school at the tender age of fourteen to work and help support his mother and sister. But when the Klondike Gold Rush comes along, both Ned and his mother figure it’s their ticket to wealth and prosperity. Sixteen-year-old Ned heads up the west coast of North America all by himself, hoping to stake a claim in the Yukon once he gets there. Befriended by a man who goes by the name Montana ¬†and a dog he calls Nugget along the way, Ned finds things are not what he expected. Swindled by Montana and too late to stake any great claim, Ned seeks...

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Arctic Thunder by Robert Feagan

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Summary: A prominent part of the St. Albert, Alberta champion Lacrosse team, Mike and his teammates are devastated when his RCMP dad Ben is transferred to Inuvit, Northwest Territories. Mike is even more upset when he finds out what his parents neglected to tell him – there is no Lacrosse team in Inuvit. The move turns out to be a positive change in Mike’s life though. He makes new friends, grows to love snowmobiling and is encouraged to learn more about his roots. His love of Lacrosse infects his new classmates, bonding them together when Mike’s dad sees them playing and...

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