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Lost Goat Lane by Rosa Jordan

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Thirteen year-old Kate lives with her two brothers and mother on a farm. With a father who has left them to pursue a career in race car mechanics, everyone on the farm is working to hold things together as a couple mortgage payments slip by unpaid. Kate’s mother is working seven days a week at a dairy farm to make ends meet, and Kate is left to take care of her younger brother Chip while her older brother Justin considers running away. When the Walters come into their lives thanks to Sugar the goat’s need for companionship, everything starts to change. It’s a...

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Trouble in the Hills by Helaine Becker

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Fresh from a fight with his strict and seemingly uncaring father, Cam takes off on his mountain bike for an uphill trek by himself. But when an uncontrolled descent leads to an accident and the loss of his bike, Cam suddenly finds himself in a survival situation. To complicate matters, he stumbles upon a group of teens from India being smuggled across the border into the United States. Samira is one of the teens, and manages to escape her captors after realising their intentions are sinister. Together, Cam and Samira struggle to make it down the mountain alive. The situation turns...

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The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate by Marty Chan

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Alberta, Book Reviews | 0 comments

Summary: Following his brother Dash through a mysterious portal, Ehrich Weisz is thrust into another dimension with a steampunk twist. Though he is all alone, believing his brother has been lost forever, he quickly adjusts to this new world and becomes a demon hunter, policing the so-called ‘Dimensionals” that come through a stable portal entrance in New York City. It’s the time of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, and with the American Civil War a part of recent history, the conquered are looking to get vengeance. With a stable portal and the help of a powerful alien race it...

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Blaine’s Way by Monica Hughes

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Alberta, Book Reviews | 0 comments

Summary: Asked to recount the experiences of his childhood on tape for the sake of prosperity and his new grandson, Blaine begins his story from when his parents lost their farm. Progressing onward from when he was six years old, he tells of moving in with his grandparents and his mother leaving the farm, hoping to pursue her dreams in Toronto. Blaine has his own dreams of getting out into the world, and when World War II comes along he doctors his birth certificate and signs up expecting adventure. What he does get is more than he bargained for, and a new appreciation for life on the farm....

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The Glory Wind by Valerie Sherrard

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Book Reviews, Saskatchewan | 0 comments

Summary: Reflecting on his unexpected friendship with an animated girl named Gracie, Luke explores his life between the ages of eleven and thirteen living in 1940s Junction, Manitoba. A small town with short-sighted ‘Christian’ views, townspeople start gossiping when they find out Gracie was born out of wedlock, and that her mother may be a prostitute. Unfortunately gossip turns to action and Gracie is left to feel the brunt of their judgement at school, facing ostracism by everyone except for Luke and a beloved teacher, Miss Prutko. When Miss Prutko is fired, things get worse,...

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