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The Road to Chlifa by Michele Marineau

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Summary: After a physical altercation with a high school classmate in Montreal, Karim examines what triggered him, going back to his life in war-torn Lebanon and his journey to get out of the country with his love interest’s little sister and brother. Karim hates living in Montreal, but as he sorts through his experiences, it turns out he is a young man in deep mourning for lost possibilities, lost people and a lost country. The offer of friendship from the classmate he defended brings him around, but Karim will always be affected by what has happened to him. Number of Pages: 142 Age...

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This Side of the Sky by Marie-Francine Hebert

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Summary: Living with apathetic parents, Mona is the one who is responsible for her younger sister, Angélique (Bird). Bird is an eight year-old with a five year-old’s mind, and a desire to fly that makes her difficult to keep on the ground. Even though Mona complains about taking care of Bird, she loves her, filling a void left by the lack of their parents’ love. Interactions with neighbours on both sides lead to complications, and Mona and Bird are faced with decisions about facing their fears, connecting with others, and doing what is right, even without of the support of their...

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Pieces of Me by Charlotte Gingras

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Summary: Mirabelle is nearly fifteen and living with her mother since her father left. Dealing with her mother’s social anxiety and paranoia on her own, Mira (as she prefers to be called) is isolated and lonely until she makes a friend in her art class at school. Mira is used to being letdown by the people she loves, and her quest for the security she missed out in her father/daughter relationship leads her to make some poor choices. When tragedy strikes, her fragile hold on her life is greatly shaken. Fortunately, Mira now has people in her life who won’t let her down and are...

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Millions for a Song by Andre Vanasse

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Summary: Alex and his garage band Nexxtep grow quickly in popularity in their neighbourhood until they have their own concert. After the concert, a man named Tom Paradis approaches the band to offer to be their manager, and they sign a contract with him that appears to be legitimate, but the truth is they are minors that don’t know what they are doing. Their lack of knowledge leads them to get burned badly by Mr. Paradis, but the band is determined to fight back for what is rightfully theirs. Number of Pages: 93 Age Range: 13-14 Review: Millions for a Song is a fun read if you...

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Jane, the Fox & Me by Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault

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Summary: Hélène is an outsider at school. Abandoned by her so-called friends and mercilessly teased by them, Hélène finds some solace in reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. She is dreading attending a class camping trip when she has no friends, yet she has to go. While Hélène is there she is so lonely she tries to befriend a fox, but it is a girl named Geraldine who manages to bring the outcasts of Hélène’s tent together to create new friendships. Hélène realises that plain girls like Jane Eyre deserve love too, and perhaps she doesn’t need to believe what the mean girls have...

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