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Burning From the Inside by Christine Walde

Posted by on Dec 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Arrested for his graffiti tags and on his third strike, Thom is offered a deal. If he helps the police investigate the mysterious graffiti group known as the G7, his parents won’t be called. Taking the deal is a special kind of hell, because while Thom has free reign at night for his graffiti so he can attract the attention of the G7, during the day he must paint over his and other tags in an effort to clean up the city. Aura is a tagger herself as well as part of the illustrious group of G7, and is attracted to Thom’s tags. Once Thom infiltrates the group, truths are...

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The Darkest Corner of the World by Urve Tamberg

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Living in Estonia during World War II, Madli witnesses her independent homeland being taken over by the Soviet army. As the army tries to convince Estonian citizens to become comrades, Madli’s father is arrested for writing about the truth of the occupation. When Madli and her brothers go to stay with their grandparents for a summer vacation, they find themselves in the middle of the war, caught between the Soviets on one side and the Nazis on the other. Faced with impossible decisions when it comes to trying to survive and protect those she loves, Madli ponders the importance...

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The Tiffin by Mahtab Narsimhan

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Every working day in Bombay, India, people pack up hot lunches for their loved ones to be delivered in tiffins to their work places. Kunal’s life is changed before he is even born when his mother, Anahita, slips an important note into the tiffin she’s sending out, and it never reaches its destination.  Years later Kunal believes he is an orphan, and he works in a restaurant owned by the people he lives with. Exploited and in physical danger, Kunal takes Vinayak, a tiffin deliverer, up on his offer to provide a home. When he finds out he’s not an orphan after all,...

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Nothing Man and the Purple Zero by Richard Scarsbrook

Posted by on Jun 8, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: A late night adventure in one of Marty’s grandfather’s classic cars and old outfits changes the lives of best friends Marty and Bill when they end up foiling the escape of a couple of bank robbers. Unknown to them the whole incident was filmed and ends up going viral on YouTube, introducing them to the world as Nothing Man and the Purple Zero, real live superheroes fighting crime in the small town of Faireville. Feeling as though greatness has been thrust upon them, Marty and Bill are up to the challenge, patrolling Faireville’s streets at night looking for crimes...

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Under the Moon by Deborah Kerbel

Posted by on May 19, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: The death of Lily’s Aunt Su, her closest friend, worsens her insomnia to the point where she is not sleeping at all anymore. Internet research shows Lily that she can’t live without sleep forever, but without her nightly conversations with her aunt, she doesn’t know how to get to sleep. A three am walk in search of company and connection leads her to the village’s 24 hour drive thru where she meets Ben, a fellow teen pulling all-nighters by choice. Their subsequent friendship fills the loneliness of the long nights, and ends up changing both of their lives....

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