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Dawn Rider by Jan Hudson

Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in Alberta, Book Reviews | 0 comments

Summary: Kit Fox has seen 16 winters in her lifetime and has grown up fearless and determined. When she has a dream that she will ride Eagle Flies Over Hills, her tribe’s horse, she manages to work around the objections others have and learns to ride him secretly, gently gaining the horse’s trust. Though female warriors among the Blackfoot tribe are rare and usually older, Kit Fox hones her skills and slowly helps her people adjust to new ways. Change is the future of the Blackfoot tribe though as getting used to Eagle Flies Over Hills and learning to use guns offered to them by...

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Dust by Arthur Slade

Posted by on Sep 20, 2014 in Book Reviews, Saskatchewan | 0 comments

Summary: When Robert’s younger brother Matthew disappears while on a walk to town, his whole family is overcome with worry and grief. There’s no trace of him, but a stranger named Abram’s appearance in town shifts the community’s focus quite suddenly from the missing child to growing a successful crop of wheat in spite of the drought they’ve been having. Robert seems to be one of the few who notices this abrupt change. Feeling Abram’s pull himself, Robert struggles to figure out what is really going on while trying to hold on to his thoughts, imagination...

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The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

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Summary: Sold to gypsies as a baby, Modo is rescued from his life as an attraction in a freak show by Mr. Socrates. With a hump on his back and a disfigured face, Modo’s looks are shocking to others, but he possesses a special ability to transform his appearance for brief periods of time. Trained from childhood with strength and stealth skills, Modo finds himself abandoned in London by Mr. Socrates after a lifetime of seclusion to prove himself. When a girl named Octavia comes into Modo’s life, they stumble¬†upon the Clockwork Guild’s nefarious efforts to create a mind...

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Sworn Enemies by Carol Matas

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Book Reviews, Manitoba | 0 comments

Summary: In the 1800s, the Czar of Russia plans to convert Jews by forcing them to enlist in the army. Each community has a quota to fill, and those who are reluctant to give up their boys to the military find they can be kidnapped by khappers; men hired to force them to do their twenty-five years of service. If families can afford to pay, their sons will be safe, but Zev, a khapper, has a personal vendetta against Aaron, a scholar, and abducts him anyway. Suddenly, Aaron’s bright future of discussing the Torah and marrying Miriam, the love of his life, becomes a future of having to...

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Haunted by Barbara Haworth-Attard

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Dee (short for Defiance) lives with her midwife grandmother in small town Ontario just after World War I has ended. Gifted with a second sight that involves seeing ghosts, Dee becomes involved in a murder investigation when the bones of a good friend are discovered on Price’s Mountain. Evil is haunting the town as more girls die, but Dee is the only one who can see it. Working against ¬†the growing suspicion of the townspeople, Dee tries to unravel the mystery of who is committing the murders, but when an obviously innocent man is arrested, Dee must step up her efforts. In the...

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