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The Keeper of the Isis Light by Monica Hughes

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Summary: On a planet named Isis, Olwen and her Guardian preserve the Isis light, a satellite connection to Earth. Over the years, they’ve recorded data from the planet and sent their records to Earth, in the hopes that eventually a ship will come with settlers to inhabit Isis. Olwen is ten in Isis years, 16 in Earth years, and happy with her life with the Guardian. Perfectly adapted to Isis’ environment, she is free to roam the planet as she pleases. But when the settlers finally arrive, Olwen’s bubble of isolation is popped, and while she falls in love with a seventeen...

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Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes

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Summary: Living in a future plagued by overcrowding, Lisse and her friends are graduating into a world that has no jobs for them. Thanks to the robots who are now able to do almost every job there is, created when Earth’s population was in decline, Lisse is facing a life with no purpose, just pure leisure. Sticking together in the designated area for the unemployed youth, Lisse and the others make the best of their situation, until rumours of The Game reach them. Bit by bit, they collect details about The Game, hoping to be invited to play. And when they are, it will change their lives...

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Blaine’s Way by Monica Hughes

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Summary: Asked to recount the experiences of his childhood on tape for the sake of prosperity and his new grandson, Blaine begins his story from when his parents lost their farm. Progressing onward from when he was six years old, he tells of moving in with his grandparents and his mother leaving the farm, hoping to pursue her dreams in Toronto. Blaine has his own dreams of getting out into the world, and when World War II comes along he doctors his birth certificate and signs up expecting adventure. What he does get is more than he bargained for, and a new appreciation for life on the farm....

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