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What World is Left by Monique Polak

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Summary: Anneke and her family are forced to live in Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II because they are Jewish. Only 14 when she enters the camp, Anneke quickly loses her innocent and childlike nature in favour of survival at any cost. But although death touches those around them, causing Anneke to lose friends and a romantic interest, Anneke’s family makes out of Theresienstadt alive. Now 16, Anneke is forever changed, and must find a way to come to terms with everything her family had to do to survive. Number of Pages:  215 Age Range: 14-16 Review: Survival, for...

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So Much It Hurts by Monique Polak

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Summary: Cast as Ophelia in her school play, seventeen year-old Iris follows in Ophelia’s shoes when she falls for a man who is fourteen years her senior. Taken in by his attentions to her, Iris finds herself thankful that such a man would be attracted to her. What she doesn’t see at first is that the longer their relationship continues, the more isolated she becomes from her family and friends. When Mick’s uncontrollable anger turns violent, Iris takes the blame for his actions on herself, becoming smaller and smaller to avoid further outbursts. Eventually she finds...

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121 Express by Monique Polak

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Summary: Lucas is determined to change his nerdy reputation when he switches schools. Going from brainiac to popular proves to be pretty easy though if he’s willing to make a few bold moves on the 121 Express bus. His efforts quickly pay off, but the pranks on the bus become more and more outrageous – opening the emergency window, dumping yogurt on another car’s windshield, throwing objects at pedestrians – until the bus driver himself has a nervous breakdown. When one of Lucas’ other friends is about to be the victim of the next prank, it is up to him to stand...

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Miracleville by Monique Polak

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Summary: Ani and her sister Colette live in Ste-Anne-Beaupré, Quebec, a religious town named after one of Quebec’s patron saints. People come from far and wide to petition Saint Anne for miracles, and Ani’s family runs a store that sells religious souvenirs to those who are on pilgrimages. When an accident happens at the store leaving Ani and Colette’s mother paralyzed from the waist down, Ani reconsiders her views on God, miracles, and the church all while dealing with the complicated feelings of being a sixteen year-old. Number of Pages: 246 Age Range: 14-16 Review:...

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