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Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock

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Summary: Ryan Dooley is a teenager with a troubled past living with his uncle to get his life back on track. When a stroll after work leads him to witness a schoolmate named Mark Everley¬†falling from a bridge to his death, he is called in for questioning. The police initially rule¬†Everley’s death an accident but Dooley finds himself under scrutiny from his classmates, teachers, and Everley’s sister who wants Dooley’s help in finding out what happened to her brother. A memorial service/party Dooley attends ends up getting him involved in another murder case when another...

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Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock

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Summary: Part of “Seven the Series,” Rennie is the grandson of David McLean that no one knew about. When his grandfather dies, he leaves a task for each of his seven grandsons to complete. Rennie’s task is to venture to Iceland and create a memorial for his grandfather’s friend, but when he gets there events snowball until he finds himself in life and death situation. Whether he makes it out alive and solves the mysteries surrounding him depend on his determination and his ability to face his grief. Number of Pages: 257 Age Range: 14-16 Review: I hadn’t...

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