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Whiteout by James Houston

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Summary: Banished to Baffin Island to live with his Uncle Calvin when he needs to complete a year of community service for a drug charge, Jon’s motivation to stay in line is unlocking the trust fund his dad left for him to inherit when he turns 20. To do that, he needs the approval of both his mother and his uncle, and their collective opinion of him is quite low since his trouble. Living in the Inuit community of Nanuvik, Jon adapts well, throwing himself into his work as a music teacher at the local school and making friends along the way. As he grows to love his new life and falls...

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Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat

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Summary: Falling prices in the fur trading business means Jamie must leave his boarding school in Toronto to live with his uncle in Manitoba. Enthusiastic about getting out of the city, Jamie learns about living in a more rugged setting, and volunteers to go on a hunting trip with his new friend Awasin when an Indian tribe needs some assistance filling their stores for the winter season. The eagerness of the two together gets them into trouble when they go exploring on their own and end up losing their canoe to the rapids. Lost in the treeless tundra of Canada, Jamie and Awasin must gather...

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The White Archer by James Houston

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Summary: An attack by Indians leaves Kungo with no parents and a sister who has been abducted. Rage and a need for revenge burns under his skin, but first he must become a warrior who can live off the land and care for himself. Adopted by an elderly couple with no children, Kungo receives skilled instruction and love, forming bonds with the old man and the old woman as well as the animals of the land. When he is ready, he seeks his revenge as the white archer – until a familiar face helps him take the old woman’s words about the danger of hate to heart. Number of Pages: 95 Age...

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Skraelings by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley

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Summary: When Kannujaq finds himself in the midst of a Tuniit community under attack from the Skraelings, he uses his knowledge as an Inuit to help them end up victorious. Given the Tuniit’s history of being poor hunters, Kannujaq is not surprised they need his help, but he is surprised to find a slave and the community’s shaman are both originally Inuit. As he discovers the whole story about the Skraelings he realises the situation is more complex than he thought, and Kannujaq begins to see the bigger picture of having to share his people’s land with others. Number of...

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The Country of Wolves by Neil Christopher and Ramon Perez

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Summary: Caught on an ice floe while hunting during the spring thaw, two brothers find themselves on a long journey, crossing over into the country of wolves. Missing their families, the brothers only encounter tragedy among the wolves, but a rapid escape by the elder brother and taking down the leader of the pack put him on his way to returning to his wife. Travelling for days, he finally makes it back to her in one piece. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems. Number of Pages: 83 Age Range: 13-14 Review: A haunting story about two brothers who are taken far from home while out hunting, The...

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