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After the War by Carol Matas

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Summary: When World War II ends, Ruth is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. As a Jew who survived the Holocaust, Ruth searches for her lost family members among a sea of displaced persons trying to find each other and a new purpose. Israel is the promised land in more ways than one, and Ruth’s motivation to join those on this exodus from Poland comes from being enlisted to the cause as opposed to religious fervour. Along the way, Ruth slowly faces the horrors she has experienced, watching the reactions of others while dealing with her own, searching like everyone else...

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Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman

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Summary: Jake Garrett is a mysterious new student at F. Scott Fitzgerald High School. He’s the new star of the football team, he throws wild parties every week, and he’s in love with the quarterback’s girlfriend, Didi. Everyone knows of him, but no one really knows Jake himself, except for Rick, a fellow football player at school. Rick acts as narrator, confessor, and witness to Jake’s true intentions, learning just how far Jake will go for love. As tension between characters mounts, Jake’s commitment will be put to the test with devastating results. Number of...

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Son of Interflux by Gordon Korman

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Summary: Simon Irving is starting over in a new place again, thanks to his father’s job as Senior Vice-President at Interflux, the world’s largest corporation. He ends up getting into the local arts school with his talent for painting, and finally starts to make some friends who don’t hate him because of who his father is. When an opportunity comes up to stick it to Interflux due to an oversight, Simon jumps at it, sparking a school-wide teenage rebellion that launches his popularity and an epic battle between him and his father. Number of Pages: 282 Age Range: 13-15...

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Pop by Gordon Korman

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Summary: While exploring the new town he and his mother have moved to after his parents’ divorce, Marcus meets a mysterious man named Charlie who joins in his football practice and teaches him about true love of the game. During their encounters Marcus realises that Charlie’s memory is patchy, and eventually he learns that Charlie is an ex-NFL player whose stellar career has taken a very personal toll, leaving him with early onset Alzheimer’s. Their friendship helps Marcus adjust to living in a new place, and gives him new confidence in the way he plays football....

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