New Brunswick

Pirate Rock by David Walker

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Summary: Keith and Nelson are close brothers who find themselves working for Mr. Becker and his private zoo of sorts for the summer. The money is great and they make friends with Kim, Mr. Becker’s step-daughter, but overheard conversations alert the brothers to criminal activity and they decide to investigate. When Keith and Nelson find themselves in over their heads, a desperate act will save their lives and change them forever. Number of Pages: 185 Age Range: 13-15 Review: I wonder if Kevin Major and David Walker ever had a chance to meet when Walker was alive (He died in 1992)....

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The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson

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Summary: Liz and Makiko are back for another mystery, this time in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. When the town is trying to decide whether to approve a new mall development that has the potential to bring jobs into the area, citizens are concerned such an endeavour will take away from the town’s historical beauty. Acts of arson are intimating those who would make the ultimate decision, and Liz is bent on figuring out who is responsible. Especially when she spies a werewolf in the Burying Grounds. Number of Pages: 109 Age Range: 12-13 Review: There’s a lot going on in this 109 page...

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Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

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Summary: Mackenzie (Mac) lives in Hemlock, a town plagued by vicious werewolf attacks, one of which took the life of her best friend Amy. Since Amy’s death, Mac’s close-knit group of friends hasn’t been the same, and Mac discovers all are hiding secrets that have the potential to destroy their friendships. The town’s response to the increase in werewolf attacks is to hire Trackers, a militant anti-werewolf group that finds its roots in white supremacy. Mac is haunted by Amy’s ghost while trying to uncover the truth behind Amy’s death, and conflict between...

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Sporeville by Paul Marlowe

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Summary: Elliott Graven and his father, the doctor, have moved to Spohrville, Nova Scotia in response to a job offer for the position of town physician recently made available by an untimely death. Turns out the previous doctor’s death is the tip of the iceburg in Spohrville – a man named Professor Strange is controlling the whole town through mysterious means, using the townspeople to work in his silver mine and submit to his cruel experiments against their will. Elliot’s allergies end up protecting him from Professor Strange’s mind control, and together with a local...

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Week in Review: Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick

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The Town That Drowned by Riel Nason

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Summary: Ruby Carson is a teenager living in the 1960s with some unique challenges. Her brother, Percy, is highly sensitive, a near-drowning at a skating party gave her a vision that seems to be coming true, and the town she grew up in is about to be under water. Her best friend Sarah has recently moved away, so Ruby is left to deal with everything on her own. Things are further complicated by the fact that the townspeople are angry about having to sell their land to the government, and Ruby finds herself coming of age during a very uncertain time. Number of Pages: 270 Age Range: 16-18...

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