The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson

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The St. Andrews Werewolf Summary: Liz and Makiko are back for another mystery, this time in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. When the town is trying to decide whether to approve a new mall development that has the potential to bring jobs into the area, citizens are concerned such an endeavour will take away from the town’s historical beauty. Acts of arson are intimating those who would make the ultimate decision, and Liz is bent on figuring out who is responsible. Especially when she spies a werewolf in the Burying Grounds.

Number of Pages: 109

Age Range: 12-13

Review: There’s a lot going on in this 109 page book, and I couldn’t help wishing for a little more depth because I was so intrigued by Eric Wilson’s storylines and characters. But the stories that caught my attention the most were the ones that were undercurrents to the main story – Emily and her step-father and Lady Chandler’s cageyness about living isolated on an island.

Still, I enjoyed watching Liz and Makiko solve another complex mystery, ferretting out the bad guys and restoring justice for the good guys. This time, they also end up empowering a little girl named Emily to stand up for herself and reassuring an older woman that people are more accepting than she thinks they are. Along the way, I enjoyed Wilson’s talent of highlighting another one of Canadian beautiful locations.

Memorable Quotes:

“Makiko took our picture together. ‘Emily-san,’ she said gently, ‘each person has strength. It is waiting inside you, like a treasure. When you find your courage, it never leaves again. It will give you peace.'” – Makiko from The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson, page 48

“Lady Chandler looked at us. The firelight deepened the lines around her eyes. ‘The agony of that unhappy brute,’ she said, ‘shunned by the world. The cruelty of people!’

‘Frankenstein was just a story. Lady Chandler. Besides, these are modern times. My friends don’t think it’s fun to cause pain.’

Her eyes flashed at me. ‘But it could happen! What then? Frightened people can be so cruel.'” – conversation between Lady Chandler and Liz from The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson, page 78

“‘See, you do have courage,’ I said, smiling proudly. ‘Know what’s the best? You’ve set yourself free.'” – Liz from The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson, page 109

The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson is published by HarperCollins Publishers (1993).

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