Juliana and the Medicine Fish by Jake MacDonald

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Summary: After Juliana’s parents’ divorce, she moves from the happy life she once had in Kenora, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba with just her mother. It’s hard to get used to her new life, especially when her father never comes to visit her. Juliana orchestrates a visit herself, arranging to go and stay at his fishing lodge for a week in the summer. When she arrives, Juliana discovers her father is facing financial troubles, and the fishing tournament the lodge is hosting provides an opportunity for her to help him out. If she can catch the infamous medicine fish living...

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Smokescreen by Nancy Hartry

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Summary: Fresh from fighting with her mother, seventeen year-old Kerry Williams is banished to the woods of Northern Ontario near Dryden for a summer job. A party thrown on her first night changes her job position when a forest fire is started and Kerry and her roommate Yvette are reassigned to kitchen duty for the revolving door of firefighters now coming through base camp. Accusations of who started the fire run rampant and Kerry and Yvette do their part to solve the mystery, but the truth turns out to be more complicated and dangerous than either one of them could have ever expected....

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Jump Cut by Ted Staunton

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Summary: At the reading of his grandfather’s will, Spencer is only half listening. But later when he gets his assignment to get a kiss on the cheek from former film bombshell Gloria Lorraine (GL), he feels cheated. While his cousins are headed to foreign countries and his brother Bunny is getting a tattoo, Spencer is headed to Buffalo, New York to film himself getting kissed by a ninety year-old woman. Expecting a dull experience, things quickly take a turn when GL kidnaps him in a stolen car with a person in the trunk and her granddaughter, AmberLea, sprung unwillingly fromĀ a house...

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When the War is Over by martha attema

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Summary: Living in the Netherlands during World War II, Janke and her community face a five year-long Nazi occupation. Working to protect the Jews divers being hidden by the Dutch, Janke is part of the resistance movement against the Nazis, trying her best to help her country survive until the Allies come and liberate them. She and her best friend Alie practice their dancing on a regular basis, preparing themselves for the day when the Nazis will be gone and the celebration that will follow. But after Janke meets Helmut, a reluctant Nazi soldier, previously clear lines become blurred, and...

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The Kayak by Debbie Spring

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Summary: In the year after a hit and run accident that leaves Teresa paralysed from the waist down, she finds herself trying to regain her sense of self in the face of her new limitations. Feeling most in control and independent in the water, swimming and kayaking, it’s no surprise her confidence there leads her to meet not one but two potential summer loves. One is older, and the other has a nasty ex-girlfriend determined to make Teresa’s life miserable. Through her experiences juggling two relationships, Teresa’s confidence grows, revealing that though the accident may...

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The Courtesan’s Daughter by Priscilla Galloway

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Phano has had a complicated life. With a step-mother who is a Courtesan and a father who has mismanaged the money of relatives and friends, it seems her hopes of marrying well are slim. When Phano and her step-mother finally escape the clutches of Phrynion who claims to own them both, a journey begins that will see Phano in love with a man who is shortly to become the most powerful man in Greece. But will her claims to Athenian citizenship hold up under scruntiny Phrynion keeps raising? In a city facing likely invasion, the favour of the gods is not something to...

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