Who Has Seen the Wind by W.O. Mitchell

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Summary: Living in smalltown Saskatchewan in the 1930s, Brian is experiencing his childhood in a harsh environment based on survival against the elements and each other. A sensitive child, Brian has a sense of there being something deeper to life, but can’t quite grasp what it is. This feeling flickers throughout the years, becoming stronger when he is around the younger Ben, but great loss enters his life increasing his questions and despair. Brian’s journey through childhood is highlighted by the parallel stories of the people who live in his community, and influence his reach...

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Draco’s Child by Sharon Plumb

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Summary: A settler on a new planet with her parents and younger brother, Varia loves the story of the constellation of a dragon and its rider in the skies above her new home. But when the rider appears in physical form, calling himself Specto, the star-child, Varia isn’t sure of his true intentions. Soon after meeting him, Varia discovers what she realizes is an egg in a cave, and Specto’s reaction to it makes her want to protect it even more. Specto’s star water is making the people in her community younger and healthier, but when the egg hatches and a dragon appears,...

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Mostly Happy by Pam Bustin

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Summary: From a young age, Bean has had to take care of herself. With a mother who continually brings home abusive boyfriends and a father who raped her when she was six years old, Bean has no other choice. Her mother’s new husband terrorizes their family with violence and intimidation, but what Bean doesn’t know at the time is that her younger sister is now the one being taken advantage of. Looking back over the memories of her childhood, Bean examines each carefully, slowly putting the pieces together and realising all of the past trauma she has been suppressing. Her reflection...

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Necking With Louise by Rick Book

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Summary: A collection of short stories, Necking With Louise¬†follows the experiences of Eric, a teenage boy living in Lashburg, Saskatchewan in 1965. He’s a brother, a boyfriend, a hockey player, a son, a grandson and a hard worker, and each story adds to the portrait of a young man finding his way through the pitfalls of growing up, as well as the experience of loss. With an introspective nature, a sense of wonder and responsibility, Eric meets each experience in a forthright and endearing way. Number of Pages: 151 Age Range: 16-18 Review: Imagine a wall of a stranger’s...

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Power Plays by Maureen Ulrich

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Summary: With a move from Saskatoon to Estevan, Saskatchewan, Jessie Mac is forced to start grade nine in a new school two weeks after the new school year has already started. Targeted by a bully named Kim, Jessie finds out Kim has been spreading lies about her, antagonizing an older girl named Marsha who shows up at her house and raids her parents’ liquor cabinet. In order to get Marsha and her friends out of her house, Jessie agrees to go with them, spending a night in jail thanks to their antics. But the police officer in charge sees Jessie is a good kid and encourages her to join...

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Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

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Summary: Darkness seems to seep out of the core of the Earth when multiple earthquakes occur along the west coast of North America infecting people’s minds and hearts with evil, causing them to do horrific things. As a result, the lives of Mason, Clementine, Ariel, and Michael are forever changed, and one by one they decide to make their way to Vancouver to start over. In this new world, electricity is out, the phone lines are down and society as it was previously known has been decimated. Those who give in to the evil inside are known as Baggers, willing to kill or collect anyone they...

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