Road to Bliss by Joan Clark

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Summary: After a major power outage in the city, Jim Hobbs makes his way out the subway tunnel he got stuck in and just starts walking. Everything just comes to a head and Jim decides he needs a break from school, his fractured family and the city itself, so he hitches a ride out to the Prairies and comes across an abandoned farm called Bliss where he learns to take care of himself without modern conveniences. Bliss is next to Majestic farm and when Jim gets to know a couple of his neighbours, he decides to seek work on their farm so he can get to know them better. But the farm turns out to...

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The Source of Light by David Richards

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Summary: When seventeen year-old Mike finds out his mother is having an affair with his father’s co-worker, he’s determined to gather evidence and tell his father what’s going on. His spy skills and best friend Badger help him get the dirt on his mother’s relationship with Janos, but even his alternate identity Arthur Guthrie isn’t able to deduce the truth of the situation. The investigation does yield another surprise though, new friends and a potential girlfriend. As everything starts unravelling and the truth shines like a light in the darkness, Mike is faced...

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The Glory Wind by Valerie Sherrard

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Summary: Reflecting on his unexpected friendship with an animated girl named Gracie, Luke explores his life between the ages of eleven and thirteen living in 1940s Junction, Manitoba. A small town with short-sighted ‘Christian’ views, townspeople start gossiping when they find out Gracie was born out of wedlock, and that her mother may be a prostitute. Unfortunately gossip turns to action and Gracie is left to feel the brunt of their judgement at school, facing ostracism by everyone except for Luke and a beloved teacher, Miss Prutko. When Miss Prutko is fired, things get worse,...

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Tunnels of Time by Mary Harelkin Bishop

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Summary: In Moose Jaw to be the junior bridesmaid for her cousin, Andrea Talbot learns about the tunnels under the city in an intimate way as she travels back in time to the 1920s when they were in use. Trained to be a tunnel runner by Vance and mistaken for a boy with her short haircut, Andrea becomes Andy and encounters the seedy under life Al Capone and his cronies have created to subvert the prohibition. During one memorable night, Andrea finds out the true meaning of loyalty and friendship, risking her safety to rescue people she’s only just met, but feels like she’s known...

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Bad Boy by Diana Wieler

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Summary: In the masculine and highly charged world of Triple A junior hockey, any suspicion of a player being gay has a similar effect to lighting a stick of dynamite. A.J. grows up in this environment, along with a father who teaches through physical violence. His mainstay throughout his mother leaving and brutal fights with his father has been his best friend Tully and Tully’s loving family. When A.J. discovers Tully has been hiding a secret from him for years though, his whole world collapses and he is left to question his own identity and orientation. Number of Pages: 191 Age...

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Dust by Arthur Slade

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Summary: When Robert’s younger brother Matthew disappears while on a walk to town, his whole family is overcome with worry and grief. There’s no trace of him, but a stranger named Abram’s appearance in town shifts the community’s focus quite suddenly from the missing child to growing a successful crop of wheat in spite of the drought they’ve been having. Robert seems to be one of the few who notices this abrupt change. Feeling Abram’s pull himself, Robert struggles to figure out what is really going on while trying to hold on to his thoughts, imagination...

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