Destination Gold! by Julie Lawson

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Summary: After his father dies, Ned must leave school at the tender age of fourteen to work and help support his mother and sister. But when the Klondike Gold Rush comes along, both Ned and his mother figure it’s their ticket to wealth and prosperity. Sixteen-year-old Ned heads up the west coast of North America all by himself, hoping to stake a claim in the Yukon once he gets there. Befriended by a man who goes by the name Montana ¬†and a dog he calls Nugget along the way, Ned finds things are not what he expected. Swindled by Montana and too late to stake any great claim, Ned seeks...

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Juggling Fire by Joanne Bell

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Rachel has unanswered questions in her life. Her father disappeared when she was only a child, and since his disappearance Rachel has been struggling to figure out whether he didn’t come back as he promised because he couldn’t or because he didn’t want to. Rachel prepares to go on a journey with her dog Brooks to find out for herself what really happened. Venturing to their family cabin in the Yukon where her father was last seen, she and Brooks set out across the Tundra, encountering challenges in the form of a bear, weather and dwindling...

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