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Dust by Arthur Slade

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Summary: When Robert’s younger brother Matthew disappears while on a walk to town, his whole family is overcome with worry and grief. There’s no trace of him, but a stranger named Abram’s appearance in town shifts the community’s focus quite suddenly from the missing child to growing a successful crop of wheat in spite of the drought they’ve been having. Robert seems to be one of the few who notices this abrupt change. Feeling Abram’s pull himself, Robert struggles to figure out what is really going on while trying to hold on to his thoughts, imagination...

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Tribes by Arthur Slade

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Summary: Following the death of his father in a foreign country where he was working as an anthropologist, Percy takes on the eyes of his father and begins to see his fellow high school students from an anthropological perspective. His unique view is shared by his friend Elissa but takes on a maniacal edge as the year anniversary of his best friend’s suicide passes right before they are set to graduate. No longer able to connect with people on a human level, Percy’s disconnection has him frantically writing papers to chronicle his observations and passing up opportunities for...

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The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

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Summary: Sold to gypsies as a baby, Modo is rescued from his life as an attraction in a freak show by Mr. Socrates. With a hump on his back and a disfigured face, Modo’s looks are shocking to others, but he possesses a special ability to transform his appearance for brief periods of time. Trained from childhood with strength and stealth skills, Modo finds himself abandoned in London by Mr. Socrates after a lifetime of seclusion to prove himself. When a girl named Octavia comes into Modo’s life, they stumbleĀ upon the Clockwork Guild’s nefarious efforts to create a mind...

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