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Deconstructing Dylan by Lesley Choyce

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Dylan is an only child and a bit of a loner. His girlfriend breaks up with him because she’s sick of hearing him talk about bugs, but when a new girl named Robyn starts at his school, Dylan finds himself with a new friend who has her own quirks. Both have an affinity for the study of death, and both are affected by secrets their parents have kept from them. In Dylan’s case though, the secrets his parents have hidden involve a dead older brother and questionable, possibly illegal activities that could put Dylan in danger and his parents in jail. As the...

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The Book of Michael by Lesley Choyce

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Summary: When Michael gets out of jail after his wrongful conviction for the murder of his girlfriend Lisa, he finds that trying to go back to life as it was is impossible. Even though he has been exonerated, people still believe he is guilty and treat him differently. His struggle to land on his feet is supported by his grandmother Phyllis, the kindness of strangers and the former friends of Lisa, but figuring out what to do next takes some time. A poem from Lisa and letters from the person who really killed her end up giving him some direction. Number of Pages: 267 Age Range: 16-18 Review:...

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Refuge Cove by Lesley Choyce

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Summary: The death of Greg’s father inspires Greg and his mother to move from Toronto, Ontario to Deep Cove, Newfoundland, a place where Greg’s parents always wanted to live. Greg, a champion Laser sailor, ventures out into the Atlantic Ocean one day and finds a boat with three refugees from Southeast Asia on board. After some communication issues, Greg decides to help them out by offering to let them stay at his house till more permanent arrangements can be made. Fearful of being deported back to a country where death is guaranteed, Tamara and her parents agree, but all is not...

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