Nova Scotia

The Manager by Caroline Stellings

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Summary: Angry and feisty, Tina is a short person who hates terms like “dwarf” or “little person.” She’s been saving up for an operation to make her taller for a long time, and when the opportunity presents itself for her to have the procedure done for free she jumps at it. Tina and her sister Ellie begin a journey down to Boston from Cape Breton Island, but are side-tracked along the way when they encounter a potential Mi’kmaw boxing champion named Jesse Mankiller. When trouble arises with Jesse’s manager, Tina is determined to step in, having...

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Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

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Summary: Maggie has been homeschooled for years and is starting her first day in a traditional high school. The youngest in her family and the only girl since her mother’s recent disappearance, Maggie is used to hanging out with her older brothers and her father and needs time to adjust to high school life. Fortunately she is immediately befriended by Lucy and her brother Alistair and while they are considered the freaks of the school Maggie fits right in with them. Haunted by a widow whose husband and three sons died at sea, Maggie is a bit of a freak herself. When connections are...

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The View From a Kite by Maureen Hull

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Summary: Living in a sanatorium in the 1970s to treat her tuberculosis, Gwen is supposed to spend her days resting and taking medications. But tuberculosis in the 1970s is not the same dire, fatal, wasting disease that it was for writers and composers of the past, and Gwen finds herself getting into mischief with the friends she has made despite the rules her doctors have set out for her. Driven by personal tragedy in her family, Gwen is determined to unlock the secret of curing her disease, seeking control over another uncontrollable situation in her life. Number of Pages: 338 Age Range:...

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Week in Review: Nova Scotia, Part 4

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Pluto’s Ghost by Sheree Fitch

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Summary: Jake Upshore has his problems with anger, impulse control and reading, but most of it is overshadowed by his relationship with Skye, the love of his life. When she disappears one day and Jake hears rumours that she is off to Halifax to get an abortion, his brain goes into overdrive and he can’t stop himself from taking action. So begins a journey to find Skye that involves battling his personal demons and many unfortunate incidents. Jake finds himself in a place he never expected to be, largely because of his impulsive nature, and he is left to decide if he can overcome it to...

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A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk by Jan L. Coates

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Summary: Caught in a war between North and South Sudan, seven year-old Jacob Akech is driven from his home and separated from the rest of his family. Jacob, his nephew Monyroor, and his friend Oscar join thousands of other boys in the same predicament. Known as “The Lost Boys” to the world at large, they make their way to a refugee camp in Ethiopia and then to one in Kenya when the first is dismantled. Jacob grows up on his feet, finding family in the boys he travels with and surviving dehydration, starvation, and animal attacks. Caught between being encouraged to become a...

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