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Fastback Beach by Shirlee Smith Matheson

Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 in Alberta, Book Reviews | 0 comments

Summary: Lured into the wrong crowd by his best friend Larry the Lark, Miles finds himself being charged for auto theft after being abandoned at the scene of an accident on Fastback Beach. Sentenced to 100 hours of community service, Miles spends time with the Berniers, an elderly couple with a love for fast cars as well. Their positive influence leads Miles to realise he can have the cars he loves if he really works at it, but his friends, while grateful he didn’t give them up as well, are reluctant to change their ways. When another car goes missing, and then the car Miles was...

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Saving Grace by Darlene Ryan

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Book Reviews, New Brunswick | 0 comments

Summary: Broken-hearted over having to give up her baby for adoption, Evie takes drastic action by taking Brianna from her adoptive parents and heading for Montreal. Hoping to start a new life with her boyfriend, Justin, and her daughter, Evie encounters roadblocks that she didn’t expect when Justin isn’t on board with her plan and taking care of Brianna is more difficult than she expected. When she finds herself alone with her child, she is faced with making a decision to follow her plans or act in Brianna’s best interests. Number of Pages: 97 Age Range: 13-15 Review:...

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B Negative by Vicki Grant

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Book Reviews, Nova Scotia | 0 comments

Summary: Paddy Armstrong’s mouth gets him into trouble when a smart-ass answer to his irritating step-father’s question about what he’s going to do after high school changes his whole life. His mother’s worried, his dad is proud and his girlfriend breaks up with him. When Paddy follows through on his choice, a medical examination reveals a secret that has the power to destroy his family as he knows it. Now it’s up to Paddy to decide whether he will be the spark that lights the gasoline or the one who brings everyone together. Number of Pages: 125 Age Range:...

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Refuge Cove by Lesley Choyce

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Book Reviews, Newfoundland | 0 comments

Summary: The death of Greg’s father inspires Greg and his mother to move from Toronto, Ontario to Deep Cove, Newfoundland, a place where Greg’s parents always wanted to live. Greg, a champion Laser sailor, ventures out into the Atlantic Ocean one day and finds a boat with three refugees from Southeast Asia on board. After some communication issues, Greg decides to help them out by offering to let them stay at his house till more permanent arrangements can be made. Fearful of being deported back to a country where death is guaranteed, Tamara and her parents agree, but all is not...

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