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Lost Cause by John Wilson

Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Planning to use his summer to save up for a trip to Europe, Steve finds the death of his grandfather, David McLean, gets him there a lot quicker when the will leaves him an airplane ticket and a mystery to solve in Spain. Tracking down his grandfather’s lost possessions leads him to Laia, the great-granddaughter of Maria, and an old journal detailing McLean’s twelve weeks as a soldier in the International Brigade struggling to protect Spain from the Fascists. As Steve and Laia make their way through the journal and Spain, Steve connects with his family history by...

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Jump Cut by Ted Staunton

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Summary: At the reading of his grandfather’s will, Spencer is only half listening. But later when he gets his assignment to get a kiss on the cheek from former film bombshell Gloria Lorraine (GL), he feels cheated. While his cousins are headed to foreign countries and his brother Bunny is getting a tattoo, Spencer is headed to Buffalo, New York to film himself getting kissed by a ninety year-old woman. Expecting a dull experience, things quickly take a turn when GL kidnaps him in a stolen car with a person in the trunk and her granddaughter, AmberLea, sprung unwillingly from a house...

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Last Message by Shane Peacock

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Summary: When Adam’s grandfather, David McLean, dies and leaves a quest for each of his seven grandsons to complete, Adam is torn between mourning his loss, intrigue about the quest, and bitterness about overhearing his grandfather telling his mother he will never amount to much. His trip to France to take care of some his grandfather’s unfinished business challenges Adam to prove his grandfather wrong, but he finds himself facing the same moral quandaries that his grandfather did decades before. One thing is for sure, the quests left by his grandfather will change Adam in ways...

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Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock

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Summary: Part of “Seven the Series,” Rennie is the grandson of David McLean that no one knew about. When his grandfather dies, he leaves a task for each of his seven grandsons to complete. Rennie’s task is to venture to Iceland and create a memorial for his grandfather’s friend, but when he gets there events snowball until he finds himself in life and death situation. Whether he makes it out alive and solves the mysteries surrounding him depend on his determination and his ability to face his grief. Number of Pages: 257 Age Range: 14-16 Review: I hadn’t...

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