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The Girl With a Baby by Sylvia Olsen

Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in Book Reviews, British Columbia | 0 comments

Summary: Fourteen years-old and a new mother, Jane is faced with a change in identity as she goes from being the good girl in her family to the girl with a baby. With her Native heritage once people get over the shock of Jane hiding a pregnancy for nine months, most aren’t surprised about it. Raised in a supportive family though even after the death of her mother, Jane shows everyone that being a teen mom isn’t the end of the world. Through determination, perseverance and a couple of mistakes along the way, Jane and her daughter Destiny make their way in the world. Number of...

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Sabotage by Karen Autio

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Saara Mäis is recently home from helping care for her baby cousin Sanni while her aunt was recovering from Tuberculosis. Adjusting to life with her younger brother, John, again is difficult, as they always seem to be at odds with each other. It’s 1915 though, and while the Dominion of Canada is entrenched in fighting World War I, Port Arthur, Ontario is ripe with paranoia surrounding German and other foreign residents. Spies and sabotage are seen at every turn, and whole families are shipped away to internment camps if even a whiff of suspicion comes there way. When the focus...

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