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Dying to Go Viral by Sylvia McNicoll

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Summary: When participating in a dangerous skateboarding stunt without a helmet ends her life, fourteen year-old Jade begs her mother in the afterlife for one more week so she can ensure her father and brother will be okay without her. She returns to her family to relive the week before her death, making a list of things she needs to accomplish to improve her father and brother’s lives. As the week progresses, Jade mends her father and brother’s relationship, living life to the fullest with some unexpected and wonderful surprises in the meantime. As the day of her death...

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Crush. Candy. Corpse. by Sylvia McNicoll

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Summary: Stuck volunteering in a smelly nursing home to complete a forty hour requirement for graduation, Sunny’s initial reluctance is tempered by a talent for taking care of the residents. Her position gives her a new perspective on growing older, and her burgeoning relationship with Cole, the grandson of one of the seniors, changes her. A charge of manslaughter when Cole’s grandmother chokes to death on three pieces of candy means Sunny is facing time in a detention centre, but the trial itself helps her sort through her experiences to find a way to move on with her life....

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