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The Boy in the Burning House by Tim Wynne-Jones

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Summary: Since his father’s disappearance, Jim Hawkins has been trying to deal with his grief while stepping up to help his mother with the farm. Some think Jim’s dad killed himself, while Jim is trying to hold on to the hope that he’s alive and will return. When Ruth Rose hijacks his attention with a theory about the local minister, Father Fisher, being involved in what she thinks is Jim’s dad’s murder, Jim questions her sanity. Ruth Rose is convinced Father Fisher is a murder who is coming after her next, while Father Fisher informs everyone Ruth is a very...

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Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones

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Summary: Living on the street, Blink has his ways of finding the food and clothing he needs. On one of his food expeditions, he stumbles upon a hotel room key, thinking he’s hit the jackpot, until he finds out the room belonged to a man who has been abducted and his life becomes complicated. Caution is a teenage girl living with Merlin the drug dealer. She considers her life with him to be a worthy punishment for mistakes she has made in the past, until she realizes he’s sleeping with someone else. When Blink and Caution meet, it’s a rocky start, but their adventures...

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