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Smokescreen by Nancy Hartry

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Summary: Fresh from fighting with her mother, seventeen year-old Kerry Williams is banished to the woods of Northern Ontario near Dryden for a summer job. A party thrown on her first night changes her job position when a forest fire is started and Kerry and her roommate Yvette are reassigned to kitchen duty for the revolving door of firefighters now coming through base camp. Accusations of who started the fire run rampant and Kerry and Yvette do their part to solve the mystery, but the truth turns out to be more complicated and dangerous than either one of them could have ever expected....

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What We Hide by Marthe Jocelyn

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Summary: After receiving their draft notices to fight in the Vietnam War, Tom and his friend Matt take very different paths. Matt’s family encourages him to serve his country, while Tom’s family frantically searches for a loophole, finding one in the education clause. Tom and his sister Jenn are sent to England to go to school, hiding far away from the reality of war, and in the process end up meeting several colourful characters at Jenny’s boarding school with secrets of their own to hide. Number of Pages: 275 Age Range: 15-17 Review: A full-length novel, What We Hide by...

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Three Songs for Courage by Maxine Trottier

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Summary: Sixteen year-old Gordon and his friends, the Lakers, are a group of guys living it up in the summer of 1956. Given a car for his birthday, Gordon is distressed when Lancer, a member of a rival group, is careless with his cigarette and mars the paint job. As the summer progresses the tension between the two continues to build, escalating when Gordon starts going out with Mary, the girl Lancer had his eye on. But when Lancer goes too far, his actions will change Gordon’s life forever, forcing him into a position where he has to decide what he would do to get revenge. By the time...

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Swimming in the Monsoon Sea by Shyam Selvadurai

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Summary: Living with his mother’s best friend Bundle and her family since his parents died when he was six, fourteen year-old Amrith is left to piece together the mysteries of his past. Although his new family is very supportive, Amrith is still drawn to connect with his blood relatives when the uncle and cousin he never knew he had come visit Sri Lanka from Canada. Being around his older cousin Niresh opens up the past for Amrith, and also ends up revealing surprising truths about himself. Amrith’s anger over his sisters taking up Niresh’s precious time grows, but figuring...

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Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me by Julie Johnston

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Summary: Sara Moone has been a ward of the Children’s Aid ever since her adoptive parents died in a fire. She’s lived in so many foster homes she’s lost track of them all, but now that Sara’s sixteenth birthday is quickly approaching she can finally make good on her plans to get out of the system. Her last foster home is on a farm with Ma and Hud Huddleston, as well as two other foster children, Nick and Josh. To survive being moved from home to home and school to school, Sara has shut herself down emotionally, finding more companionship in her computer than in the...

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