Rattled by Lisa Harrington

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rattled Summary: Bored after her fifteenth birthday, Lydia’s life picks up when new neighbours move into the old Henley place across the street. Suddenly there’s a new love interest named Sam that her older sister Jilly calls dibs on, and Lydia gains a new friend in his younger sister, Megan. After what seems like merely a rough start with Mrs. Swicker, Lydia realises Sam and Megan’s mother’s hostile nature is meant to hide something and decides to investigate. What she uncovers will not only have consequences for the Swicker family, but will also put Lydia’s life in danger.

Number of Pages: 189

Age Range: 13-15

Review: Rattled is a fun, relatively short read that lives up to its’ name. I was rattled by the secrets of the new neighbours, but first I was intrigued. Lisa Harrington hooked me into her tale and I kept turning pages until things were resolved.

Plus I quite enjoyed Lydia’s voice. I included some of her quotes that made me laugh in the Memorable Quotes section. The dynamic between Lydia and her sister Jilly was believable and amusing because of who Jilly was as a character, a somewhat stereotypical blond who turns out to have her sister’s back in the end. I think my favourite part though was when Jilly finds out that Sam is actually younger than her and freaks out because she kissed a guy who was her sister’s age.

This is a good reluctant read pick because the plot moves quickly and there is mystery and suspense involved. It’s a lighter read when it comes to depth, but I’d still recommend it because it was an enjoyable mix of humour and intrigue.

Memorable Quotes:

“To be honest, Megan’s reaction surprised me a bit. Their mother-daughter relationship had always seemed sort of strained. Guess you never really know how someone feels about their mom until you suggest she might be a murderer. I’d have to remember that for next time.” – Lydia from Rattled by Lisa Harrington, page 93

“A car door slammed, then the sound continued down the street and faded away. I looked longingly at the door. In most horror movies, this would be the moment the boyfriend or best friend would burst in and come to the rescue.

No one came.

My heart sank.

They usually got massacred anyways.” – Lydia from Rattled by Lisa Harrington, page 171

“‘Looks like someone’s rented the Henleys’ again,’ Mom said, leaning slightly towards the window. Jilly and I stopped what we were doing and locked eyes. After a second we tore over to join Mom.

‘Please let them have boys,’ Jilly whispered.

‘Please let them not be psycho,’ I whispered.” – conversation between Jilly, Lydia and their mom from Rattled by Lisa Harrington, page 189

Rattled by Lisa Harrington is published by Nimbus Publishing (2010).
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