Membrane by Carol Moreira

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membrane Summary: Tanya’s got problems. When she falls through a membrane and enters a parallel universe, she encounters her double who has problems of her own. Nicknamed P by Tanya, P’s problems include the inhabitants of another parallel universe trying to invade her world. The membrane has a mind of its’ own, and Tanya, P and their friend all find themselves at its’ mercy, giving them new perspectives on the invasion issue. Faced with an invasion into her mind, Tanya learns to overcome her troubled memories to become a stronger person.

Number of Pages: 234

Age Range: 13-14

Review: Membrane is a complex book about travelling to multiple parallel universes, alien invasions, overcoming bullying and finding the strength to face your fears.

I found myself often confused while reading today. Tanya seemed to be a teen with average and real problems when suddenly she ended up in a parallel universe, passing through a membrane made up of substances that I thought were hazardous to humans. Still Tanya seemed to pass through it several times without harm.

What I did like about the book was Tanya’s growth. Once the reader finally finds out what happened at the “last school” she went to, an alien species is invading her mind to replay the memory over and over. With the help of others from another parallel world, she learns to deal with her fears and anxiety herself. The ending is a bit ambigious – it seems the alien race invading one of the parallel universes is also invading Tanya’s world in a more subtle fashion – but Tanya is now ready to handle it.

Memorable Quotes:

“I should have known that because I got how it felt to have music flow out of you at the same time as it flowed out of other people. Music connects everyone in an amazing way. When you’re playing music you can feel like you love every person in the entire world.” – Tanya from Membrane by Carol Moreira, page 35

“I shuddered – ‘interrogation’ was a terrible word. How could P be casual about it? The Others must have been traumatized to find themselves trapped in a strange universe where they were treated like lab rats. Then I remembered that everyone in P’s universe had been scared of the Others. The Others had been looming in the sky over their heads for a long time. Maybe this behaviour was tit for tat. Whatever caused it, it was terrible.” – Tanya from Membrane by Carol Moreira, page 104

“…perhaps it’s good to be from Nova Scotia – we had beautiful, mostly unspoiled scenery, friendly people, great music and the best sailing.” – Tanya from Membrane by Carol Moreira, page 225

Membrane by Carol Moreira is published by Fierce Ink Press (2013).
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