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The Lottery by Beth Goobie

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Book Reviews, Saskatchewan | 2 comments

Summary: Every year at Saskatoon Collegiate, a lottery takes place to choose a victim and servant for Shadow. Whoever is chosen is treated as a pariah at school even by their friends and forced to run errands distributing the Shadow’s orders to the rest of the student body. When Sal’s name comes up, she’s already got her own problems. Her father killed himself by running his car into a tree when Sal was with him, and her mom is a detached parent who is having trouble connecting with her children through her grief. As Sal is immersed in Shadow and loses her friends, she must...

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The Yo-Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing

Posted by on Jun 28, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Frustrated by changes at home and his Gran’s mounting confusion, Calvin turns to his yo-yo tricks to find some control and satisfaction in his life. He starts performing in downtown Toronto, soaking up the attention from audience members, and things are going well when one man even gives him money. But then his classmate Rozelle decides to become his manager, labelling him as the Yo-Yo Prophet and claiming that he can see the future when he does his yo-yo performances. When the predictions come true, Calvin begins to believe in his own powers, until everything beings to...

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The Cripples’ Club by William Bell

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: George has a mysterious past that tortures him through nightmares and visions but remains just beyond his conscious memory. When he meets Hook, a young man left a paraplegic after a motorcycle accident, Hook realises George is also dealing with circumstances that make him different and befriends him. New laws mean students dealing with disabilities are all eligible to receive the same education as ‘normal’ students, and Heather and Amie both end up at the same school as George and Hook as a result. Together they form a tight group of friends who call themselves...

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Tilt by Alan Cumyn

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Book Reviews, Ontario | 0 comments

Summary: Sixteen year-old Stan has a complicated home life. His parents are divorced and his mom often goes out at night to see her boyfriend. His little sister, Lily, is precocious, often making up stories to get attention. Stan is the stable one in the family, doing his best to make things easier on his mother and taking care of Lily. As a teenage boy though, Stan has dreams of his own. He’s worked all summer long to make the Junior Varsity basketball team, and has fallen for Janine Igwash, a girl others at school call ’tilted’ because they think she is into girls. When...

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Rough Magic by Caryl Cude Mullin

Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in Book Reviews, Quebec | 0 comments

Summary: When Sycorax discovers at an early age that she is a magical prodigy, she uses her powers to protect her father’s kingdom as she grows. Soon though she begins to crave more power, but a miscalculation in her plans leaves her stranded on a magical island about to give birth. Sycorax extracts the magic from the island for herself, but ends up leaving her son Caliban all alone after harnessing the power eventually kills her. Caliban lives by himself on the mysterious island until one day Prospero and his daughter Miranda arrive, and getting to know them will affect the rest of...

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