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The Kayak by Debbie Spring

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Summary: In the year after a hit and run accident that leaves Teresa paralysed from the waist down, she finds herself trying to regain her sense of self in the face of her new limitations. Feeling most in control and independent in the water, swimming and kayaking, it’s no surprise her confidence there leads her to meet not one but two potential summer loves. One is older, and the other has a nasty ex-girlfriend determined to make Teresa’s life miserable. Through her experiences juggling two relationships, Teresa’s confidence grows, revealing that though the accident may...

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Beautiful Goodbye by Nancy Runstedler

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Summary: Maggie is bereft after the sudden death of her father, not quite sure how to proceed in the face of this and other drastic life changes. When she and her friend Gillian discover a Ouija board in the attic of Maggie’s new house, Maggie hopes to contact her father and say a proper goodbye. Instead, the girls end up contacting Hope Lewis, a deceased spirit who asks for their help. Along with Cole, Maggie’s little brother, the three are transported back in time to 1915 where they met Hope and find a way to support her through the most stressful time of her life. In the...

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The Unwritten Girl by James Bow

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Summary: When Rosemary stops reading yet another fiction book, the characters in the stories she has discarded fight back by kidnapping her brother, Theo, and holding him hostage in the book world. With Puck as her guide, Rosemary and her new friend Peter go after him, making their way through challenge after challenge before they reach the villain and figure out what they need to do to rescue Theo. Along the way they learn about the characteristics of good story-telling, and enjoy revisiting previously read books. Confronting Marjorie, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, reveals if...

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Dying to Go Viral by Sylvia McNicoll

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Summary: When participating in a dangerous skateboarding stunt without a helmet ends her life, fourteen year-old Jade begs her mother in the afterlife for one more week so she can ensure her father and brother will be okay without her. She returns to her family to relive the week before her death, making a list of things she needs to accomplish to improve her father and brother’s lives. As the week progresses, Jade mends her father and brother’s relationship, living life to the fullest with some unexpected and wonderful surprises in the meantime. As the day of her death...

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Sabotage by Karen Autio

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Summary: Saara Mäis is recently home from helping care for her baby cousin Sanni while her aunt was recovering from Tuberculosis. Adjusting to life with her younger brother, John, again is difficult, as they always seem to be at odds with each other. It’s 1915 though, and while the Dominion of Canada is entrenched in fighting World War I, Port Arthur, Ontario is ripe with paranoia surrounding German and other foreign residents. Spies and sabotage are seen at every turn, and whole families are shipped away to internment camps if even a whiff of suspicion comes there way. When the focus...

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