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Power Plays by Maureen Ulrich

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Summary: With a move from Saskatoon to Estevan, Saskatchewan, Jessie Mac is forced to start grade nine in a new school two weeks after the new school year has already started. Targeted by a bully named Kim, Jessie finds out Kim has been spreading lies about her, antagonizing an older girl named Marsha who shows up at her house and raids her parents’ liquor cabinet. In order to get Marsha and her friends out of her house, Jessie agrees to go with them, spending a night in jail thanks to their antics. But the police officer in charge sees Jessie is a good kid and encourages her to join...

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Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

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Summary: Darkness seems to seep out of the core of the Earth when multiple earthquakes occur along the west coast of North America infecting people’s minds and hearts with evil, causing them to do horrific things. As a result, the lives of Mason, Clementine, Ariel, and Michael are forever changed, and one by one they decide to make their way to Vancouver to start over. In this new world, electricity is out, the phone lines are down and society as it was previously known has been decimated. Those who give in to the evil inside are known as Baggers, willing to kill or collect anyone they...

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Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

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Summary: Eighteen year-old Taylor is less than impressed when her mother decides to take her to Waskesiu, Saskatchewan for the summer in pursuit of her latest boyfriend. Having just graduated from high school with a unique view of the world thanks to having Asperger’s Syndrome, Taylor is uncertain and scared when it comes to thinking about the future, but the independence she gains while her mother is working proves she only has to be herself for things to work out. With her ability to remember facts about subjects that interest her and her honest insights about life Taylor finds...

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Strange Places by Jefferson Smith

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Summary: Living in an orphanage since she was just three years old, thirteen year-old Tayna is considered unlovable. But when a mysterious couple comes to the orphanage with the desire to adopt the girl who has been there the longest, Tayna sees her chance to get out. The nuns have other plans though, and a man named Lord Angiron is out to kill her. In her escape from the orphanage to save her own life, Tayna meets up with a watcher from another world who crosses over with her to what he claims is the place she came from. It’s suddenly possible that Tayna isn’t an orphan after...

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Hello, Groin by Beth Goobie

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Summary: Harbouring a secret she’s afraid to even admit to herself, Dylan is struggling to push down the growing truth inside her. But when the opportunity arises in a creative display for the library to use books to define the body parts of male and female cut outs, her choices are revealing and land her in some trouble. Pressure builds as Dylan tries to hang on what she has, a kind and gentle boyfriend and a best friend she’s had since grade three, until a drunken kiss with a stranger makes her realise she can’t pretend anymore. Bit by bit, Dylan begins to live more...

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