Tales From the Farm by Jeff Lemire

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Tales From the FarmSummary: Living with his Uncle Ken after his mother dies, 10 year-old Lester is just trying to stay afloat. The relationship between Lester and his uncle is strained as they can’t quite seem to connect through their grief, but a new friendship with Jimmy helps Lester see things in a new light. Jimmy himself is a former Maple Leafs’ player whose career was cut short when a injury caused brain damage. Like a kid himself, Jimmy is the perfect companion for Lester, and allows him to be the hero his mother always thought he was.

Number of Pages: 104

Age Range: 13-15

Review: There is a lot of heart packed into Tales From the Farm by Jeff Lemire. Managing to convey great depth in sparse yet expressive illustrations, Lemire shows Lester’s journey through grief to an understanding with his Uncle Ken as he reflections on his mother’s illness and death. It’s a quick read, but memorable and touching as the pictures tell most of the story.

I loved rural Ontario setting, and Lemire’s gentle and genuine characters. Though Lester is only 10 years old, his story will be enjoyed by teens and adults.

Essex Country Vol. 1: Tales From the Farm by Jeff Lemire is published by Top Shelf Productions, (2007).

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