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Draco’s Child by Sharon Plumb

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Summary: A settler on a new planet with her parents and younger brother, Varia loves the story of the constellation of a dragon and its rider in the skies above her new home. But when the rider appears in physical form, calling himself Specto, the star-child, Varia isn’t sure of his true intentions. Soon after meeting him, Varia discovers what she realizes is an egg in a cave, and Specto’s reaction to it makes her want to protect it even more. Specto’s star water is making the people in her community younger and healthier, but when the egg hatches and a dragon appears,...

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September 17 by Amanda West Lewis

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Summary: When the Germans turn their sights toward England during World War II, the government decides that sending the nation’s children away to the safety of other countries is the best course of action. One by one, Ken, Bess, Louis, Beth, Sonia, and other children and teens all make their way to the City of Benares, a ship that is going to take them across the Atlantic Ocean to a new life in Canada. A large convoy of ships escorting the City of Benares leads the Germans to believe the ship itself is of military importance, and a German U-Boat guns it down. Suddenly the children that...

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Last Chance Bay by Anne Laurel Carter

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Summary: Thirteen year-old Meg Christie wants to be a pilot. Unfortunately she lives in 1940s Cape Breton Island where women are expected to get married, have children and keep house while their men work in the coal mines. Inspired by Amelia Earhart and a chance encounter with Beryl Markham, Meg pushes the boundaries of her small town with her dreams, encouraged by her older cousin Caleb and her teacher Miss MacKinnon. When Caleb enlists to fight in WWII, however, Meg is forced to reconsider her dreams in the face of having to take care of her family. Number of Pages: 169 Age Range: 13-16...

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Refuge Cove by Lesley Choyce

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Summary: The death of Greg’s father inspires Greg and his mother to move from Toronto, Ontario to Deep Cove, Newfoundland, a place where Greg’s parents always wanted to live. Greg, a champion Laser sailor, ventures out into the Atlantic Ocean one day and finds a boat with three refugees from Southeast Asia on board. After some communication issues, Greg decides to help them out by offering to let them stay at his house till more permanent arrangements can be made. Fearful of being deported back to a country where death is guaranteed, Tamara and her parents agree, but all is not...

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